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From IGN

Season 2 marks a big shift in setting for the show, as it moves with Claire and Jamie from Scotland to high French society. The Parisian backdrop is stunning and costumes are glorious; the Paris scenes were shot in Prague, southern England and on location and sets in Scotland. But despite the glamor, showrunner Ron Moore explained that — like with Season 1 — the intent was to play the new world as true to the time.

“We just decided we were going to treat French society much like we did Scottish society,” he said. “It’s an over-the-top world as it is anyway; you didn’t have to embellish it. You didn’t have to make it a silly world. They didn’t have to be foppish, French aristocrats; they just had to be aristocrats. If you’re going to go to a brothel in Paris, you don’t have to have women walking around with their tops off to sell that it’s a brothel. It’s enough that it’s a brothel.”

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