*VIDEO* from The Academy’s ‘Outlander: From Scotland to Paris’ Panel   7 comments

Full video from The Academy’s ‘Outlander: From Scotland to Paris’ panel

(starts at 58:20)

7 responses to “*VIDEO* from The Academy’s ‘Outlander: From Scotland to Paris’ Panel

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  2. THank you so much for allow,in us to witness this discussion of our wonderful make believe world! I loved every moment of this discussion. Thank y

  3. WOW That was incredible. It was Really, Really, Interesting. Thank you very much xxxx

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  5. This is what we readers/ fans need more of…I will watch the show with much more appreciation. Most of us don’t realize what goes in to making such an adaptation. I think we’ll be more tolerant of changes from the book now, Ron. thanks for the great visuals of the magnificent costumes, Terry, and the explanations of how they are made. and from the set designer…I had no idea. bear’s discussion and Ron…this was the best interview I’ve yet seen of Outlander’s cast and creators. thanks, Sue Schelvan, CA

  6. The best program of Outlander I have ever seen!!! I loved all of it! It was wonderful!

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