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New Sam Heughan Interview with The Herald Scotland


From The Herald Scotland

The latest instalment of the show is adapted from Gabaldon’s second novel Dragonfly in Amber. It sees Jamie and Claire – played by Irish actor Caitriona Balfe – travel to Paris to infiltrate the brewing Jacobite rebellion led by Charles Edward Stuart and prevent the bloodshed of the Battle of Culloden.

Heughan has clearly enjoyed immersing himself in such a pivotal historic period. “It is something I grew up with – the history of Scotland,” he says. “I imagined myself as Bonnie Prince Charlie, Robert the Bruce and William Wallace.

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The latest series will see Claire and Jamie attempt to alter the course of history and stop Culloden – that’s a pretty ambitious plan? Heughan nods in agreement. “I know – she [Claire] should have watched Back to the Future and she would have realised you just can’t do that …” he quips.

Later episodes will feature the 1745 Battle of Prestonpans and build-up to Culloden making it fair to surmise that the duo weren’t successful in their mission. Had they managed to convince Bonnie Prince Charlie not to embark on his campaign, what kind of Scotland does Heughan envisage we would we be living in now? “Probably one that speaks a lot more Gaelic,” he muses.

Heughan acknowledges there can be a snobbery towards the historical fiction and romance genres, but insists that the plotlines featured in Gabaldon’s books and the TV series are far from scurrilous fantasy. “We try to stay as authentic as possible,” he says. “Obviously there is dramatisation, but Diana is a stickler for research and accuracy. I know that we are trying to stick as closely as possible to it.

“That is what excites me about season two. We are doing an authentic – as close as you can be – reproduction of the history of that period in Scotland and France. Culloden is a big, pivotal part of history and it hasn’t shot for many years.”

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