New Interview and Pics of Sam Heughan – Japan Promo   4 comments

New Interview and Pics of Sam Heughan – Japan Promo


The Highland has become a stage of “Outlander”, do you what kind of existence for the people of Scotland?

Scotland revolt trying to withdrawal from the United Kingdom in this work is divided into Scottish Lowlands and Highlands. (Northern part of the center and was the Scottish) Highlands is, Gaelic, I have an alien culture among Scotland such as the clan system. One of the Scottish Lowlands, Scotland of the South, people in the vicinity of Edinburgh, in a little more modern, use words that are not Gaelic. In addition, the people of Highland who live in the northern part, can not be trusted, I’m seen in the eyes of. In other words, I’m a human of the same Scotland, mean there is a big difference in the north and the south, the southern part of the human will also get on your England side.

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