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It’s sexier than ‘Poldark’ and more grounded than ‘Game of Thrones’. Lucy Davies on the joys of ‘Outlander’

Midway through season one of Outlander, the sword and sex-charged drama set in 18th Century Scotland, there’s a spanking scene in which a newly-married husband – Jamie – takes a leather belt to the bare derriere of his wife, Claire, because she disobeyed an order and put his and other lives in jeopardy. She retaliates by kicking her husband in the jaw and calling him a sadist.

It’s one of three scenes producer Ron D Moore considered key, when adapting the series for television. That the others were a wedding night and a male rape, gives you some idea of the realms the show dares to plumb. “Figuring out far to go; not wanting to flinch or be gratuitous, required delicate handling,” says Moore.

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Season two begins as Claire and Jamie arrive in France seeking refuge, partly because it’s no longer safe for Jamie to be in England, but also because they have decided that, knowing the future, it is their duty to intercept Bonnie Prince Charlie (Andrew Gower) in Paris, where he is trying to raise his doomed Jacobite army. Here, they are thrown into the lavish, frothy and intrigue-filled world of the French court. “It was like a new show,” says Moore. “Costumes, atmosphere, language; its whole complexion changed.”

Where the action in Scotland relished its dirk-wielding and horse-riding, “in Paris the dangers are political rather than physical,” says Heughan. And, as anyone who’s watched Back to the Future knows, altering the course of history presents its own set of concerns and challenges, which begin to weigh on their relationship. “Claire and Jamie have always been honest with each other,” says Heughan, “and now they are required to be quite duplicitous, and use sides of themselves that are maybe not the most honourable: that causes a strain.”

Watching them navigate that, though, makes for engrossing drama. “You see them push each other’s boundaries,” says Balfe, “and go through these terrible trials, but they’re always there for each other. They constantly push each other to be the best version of themselves that they can be. I think we all aspire to that.”

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