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Here is a new interview with Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe from TV Line


From TV Line:

Sam Heughan missed his kilt.

The longing is understandable. After all, the Outlander star spent most of the Starz drama’s first season running around the Scottish highlands in Jamie Fraser’s airy ensemble, and those kind of threads can grow on a guy.

Season 2, which premieres April 9 (9/8c), plucks Jamie and his time-traveling wife Claire from Scotland’s rough countryside and sets them down in Paris, where they’ll work to thwart a royal-wannabe’s doomed play for the British throne.

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“When we got to Paris, we realized it’s a completely different world. The costumes, the sets — it’s more voluptuous. It’s more luxurious, but more constricted,” Heughan tells TVLine.

One side effect of living in the cosmopolitan City of Lights? Au revoir, plaid; bonjourbreeches. The actor adds that it wasn’t until the production returned to Clan Fraser’s stomping grounds later in the season that he felt at home.

“When we got back to Scotland, it was like just breathing a sigh of relief, really,” he adds. “It was nice to put the kilt back on. I remember the first day, I was like, ‘God, do you even remember how to do this?’”

Even if there is a pleat or two out of place in Heughan’s costume, it’s not likely viewers will mind; with nearly a year between seasons, fans are all but doing Murtagh’s sword dance with anticipation at what Book 2 of the adaptation will hold. Dinna fear — we’ve got scoop on all of the intrigue (who is Le Comte St. Germain?) and intimacy (pregnant sex!) ahead, straight from Heughan and his leading lady, Caitriona Balfe.

AFTERSHOCKS | Jamie’s rape and brutalization by Jonathan “Black Jack” Randall at the end of the first season is “not the primary focus of Season 2, but it’s there,” Heughan says. “Distance and time certainly is letting him heal, but he’s still plagued by it.” Jamie throws himself into befriending Prince Charlie, who is interested in forcefully establishing his family’s rule of Great Britain; the mission is good for Fraser’s psyche, but not so great for his marriage. “He’s not really come to terms with [the rape], and that comes to a head at some point,” Heughan adds. “He needs to find a way out, a way to deal with this, and the way he does will be revealed.”

Meanwhile, Claire is left hoping that her husband will eventually let her in on his anguish. “What people forget about sexual trauma is that it doesn’t just affect the person that it was done to,” Balfe says. “It affects their entire network.”

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