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I read my first critique of Outlander Season 2 yesterday. I have to say it was with trepidation that I clicked the link.  The title of the article lead me to believe it was positive, but experience has taught me to withhold judgement on these things.  Too often, I find myself wondering if the reviewer had watched the same show I had. The oft used “pop culture” language sets my teeth on edge and I still have issues with how they address the fact that a majority of viewers are female ( at least I think that is still true, I haven’t seen statistics lately).  Some of the new buzz words being used to describe the show  are “female-centric” and “genre-bending” and so far, I’m not foaming at the mouth or rolling my eyes every time I see them used.

It was a predominately positive review…whew….I was relieved.

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As I mulled over the reviewers points, I realized my relief was multi-layered and not just about the series receiving a positive critique.  The show weathered less than positive initial responses its first season and I suspect it will again. I believe my relief was much more about the end of the drought than whether the critics like the show.  Don’t get me wrong! I’m happy it was positive! And, I’ll be addressing the review in this article. It’s just that…well…I’m glad fans will have something new to focus on!  I’m looking forward to discussing the episodes and hoping that some of the drama in the fandom will seem less important.


The costumes and sets are better than I could imagine


Diana Gabaldon writes with amazing detail.  I can see, hear and smell her stories. However, despite her enviable talent for stimulating the senses of her readers, the TV series is definitely going to enrich her tale of life at court. The imaginations of Terry Dresbach, Jon Gary Steele and Gina Cromwell have been let loose and the result is a very believable world full of color, texture, purpose, and character. This is one of those times, unless you are a member of the “I hate costumes brigade” who professes not to care about the costumes …in a… period piece,  you will have to pinch yourself because Jamie and Claire, Master Raymond and Mother Hildegarde, the Bonnie Prince and King Louis, are walking around in 1740’s Paris right before your very eyes! I know the little bit I’ve seen has taken my breathe away, but what about those who aren’t as… biased? Well, in a recent TVline article, author Kimberly Roots said

(And I’d be remiss not to mention here that Balfe glides about in costume designer Terry Dresbach’s magnificent gowns as though she were born to do so; I defy you to dislodge your eyeballs from the red number Mrs. Fraser wears to French Court. Simply luminous.) http://tvline.com/2016/03/28/outlander-season-2-review-starz/

Tom and Lorenzo, a famous TV and fashion critic duo, called Outlander season 2 “Costume Porn”

…we’re here to tell you, the creative people behind this show have really outdone themselves on the sets, costumes and art direction. It’s a fine story on its own, but it’s also a jaw-droppingly beautiful piece of television. http://tomandlorenzo.com/2016/03/outlander-season-2-costume-porn/

Jaw-dropping, sumptuous, a feast for the eyes, are just a few of the superlatives being bandied about!

The video highlights the stunning 18th-century setting, opulent costumes and lavish set designs. Let me take one sec to bow down (or rather, curtsy) to Steele and Cromwell — as well as costume designer Terry Dresbach — for the overall splendor of the new season. It’s truly a feast for the eyes http://www.blastr.com/2016-3-22/time-travel-lavish-new-outlander-season-2-featurette-and-teaser-trailer

I’m headed over to Saks next week to see some of the lavish creativity on display and see it on the big screen Saturday night!

They were right to take their time

In season 1, I was one of those fans who expressed her dismay over missed opportunities to develop Jamie’s character and make Claire’s agonizing choice at the stones more poignant.  Episode 9’s switch in point of view went a long way in remedying that situation for me.  Jamie Fraser had enough dialogue and was in enough pressure laden scenes to reveal his character.  I happily admitted that the Jamie I was seeing on the screen possessed most of the qualities of book Jamie.  Like the books, the series took its time revealing his character and in my opinion, the story is the better for it.  I was happy to read that the peeling away of Jamie’s layers is continuing.

…it allows Heughan to widen his portrayal of Lord Broch Tuarach beyond broadsword and burlap. James Fraser in France is a merchant with his finger on the pulse of the city, a man able to parlay his charm, wit and pragmatism into positions of counsel for the influential and the ambitious. He also is someone feeling the immense pressure of knowing — thanks to his time-traveler wife —  that a terrible battle is on its way, as well as grappling with the supreme doubt he can change history in time to stop the carnage. The constant push-pull wears on the character; when Jamie snaps, such as when he angrily demands that Claire tell him why he must bear everyone’s weaknesses but his own, Heughan dazzles. (Roots)

They do understand

Outlander Season 2 Review Starz

There has been some grumbling in the fandom that there will be “too much Frank” in the second season.  As book readers it did not take us long to forget about Frank.  The love between Jamie and Claire trumped whatever love remained between Claire and Frank.  As readers, most of us felt sorry for Frank, but he was not foremost on our minds.  Viewers, however, will want to know what happens to him.  I was pleased to hear that the reviewers felt the core relationship in this story came through loud and clear despite more on screen time for Frank. And, that their

…deep passion for one another, expressed lustily and often, and the chemistry between stars Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan only amplifies as Season 2 kicks off.(Roots)

The complicated story is there


One of the lessons the adaptation taught us was to be patient.  Not every favorite line of dialogue or favorite scene made the cut, but just when we thought “they” didn’t get it …low and behold…”promise me what you do tell me will be the truth” shows up! That is just one example of how the show runners and writers managed to bring the story around to where it needed to go and it sounds like season 2 will hold some of those types of surprises as well.

In the episodes I screened, Diana Gabaldon’s story is handled with the same loving care paid in Season 1. For example, a piece of book dialogue I lamented had been cut from the first season’s finale pleasantly surprised me when it showed up a few hours into Season 2 — and when you hear it, you may agree that it has as much emotional impact there as it would have in its original place. (Root)

Can it be we will still hear about Jamie’s lean to?!?!?!  I’m hopeful and I have to admit a lot more trusting this time around.  Our beloved story will be done justice.  In fact, this new version of my favorite story is starting to gain a piece of my heart that I thought only the books could hold.  Join me every Wednesday on Outlander Online for a look ahead to the next episode and at My Outlander Blog at bethwesson.com on Sunday or Monday (hey sometimes real life interferes) for my reflections on the latest episode.  And…thank God the drought is nearly over.

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  1. Critics will say what they may. From what I’ve seen in the trailers and the interviews, it’s going to be a splendid season! Just a few more days, Outlander family!!
    Tulach Ard!!

  2. Another great assessment of Oulander, Beth. I along with all the fans of Outlander, and the ones that don’t know they are yet, can’t wait for April 9th!

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  4. From what I’ve seen from the Outlander previews, this season, it’s going to be fantastic. And I can’t wait to see on screen, which dialogue scene cut from season 1 finale, made it into season 2.

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  6. Thanks for your input. Loved it. I find that I don’t listen to critics as I like my own thoughts so much more. Can’t wait for the new season to begin. If we have to suffer with Frank for a bit, so be it. We know where he stands in the end.

  7. Thank you, you encourage us when we think we don’t have anything to be encouraged about!!

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