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*New* BTS Pic of Stanley Weber and Crew on the Set of Outlander Season 2   6 comments

New behind the scenes picture of Stanley Weber and crew on the set of Outlander.


Quick break for an on-set #selfie. #Outlander #BehindTheScenes


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HQ Pics of Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan TV Guide Photoshoot   4 comments

HQ pics of Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan TV Guide Photoshoot


More pics after the jump!

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*NEW* Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe Interview with ‘Dish’   4 comments

Here’s a new Outlander Season 2 interview

*SCANS* Outlander in SFX Magazine   3 comments

Here are scans of Outlander in SFX magazine


See more scans after the jump

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Outlander Fans are Spending Springtime in Paris….A Look Ahead to April 9th   10 comments


I read my first critique of Outlander Season 2 yesterday. I have to say it was with trepidation that I clicked the link.  The title of the article lead me to believe it was positive, but experience has taught me to withhold judgement on these things.  Too often, I find myself wondering if the reviewer had watched the same show I had. The oft used “pop culture” language sets my teeth on edge and I still have issues with how they address the fact that a majority of viewers are female ( at least I think that is still true, I haven’t seen statistics lately).  Some of the new buzz words being used to describe the show  are “female-centric” and “genre-bending” and so far, I’m not foaming at the mouth or rolling my eyes every time I see them used.

It was a predominately positive review…whew….I was relieved.

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