NEW Picture of Sam Heughan in Japan   15 comments

Here’s a new picture of Sam Heughan



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15 responses to “NEW Picture of Sam Heughan in Japan

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  1. What the heck are they doing to his beautiful face?

  2. OK so what is this all about?

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  4. What the dickens?! 😂

  5. Please, oh please please please, show us the finished product! 😂

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  7. Are we even sure that’s Sam?!!

  8. Kabooki theater?

  9. Looks like Sam’s going Kabuki to me. Love to see the end result. Wonder which character he’ll be?

  10. Oh my!! Can’t tell that the person is Sam!!

  11. I love Sam to death but he has got to stop letting all the publicity make him look stupid. It was okay at first but now they are asking him to do way too may degrading stuff!

  12. What a good sport! This makes me love this very nice, easy going man even more!!!

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  14. Come on, everybody. It’s only a facial sheet mask he is wearing to tone his skin before for a fan event held in Japan. There are a few fun sheet masks you find here. The one he is wearing is called “HANNYA”, which is a woman turned into a demon out of rage; you’ll often find Hannya in Japanese folk stories.Thanks to the facial sheet mask treatment, he looks awesome as ever. Check out on fan event pictures!

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