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Here’s a new interview of Diana Gabaldon with EW


How has the Outlander series on Starz changed your life?
It attracted a lot more attention to me and the books, which resulted in enormous amounts of travel. And it does, in fact, cut down my productivity considerably, so that’s why I decided this year I’m just not going anywhere.

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How have you reacted to fans who have questioned casting decisions on the series?
They read Jamie is head and shoulders above the crowd, which he is because everybody else in the 18th century was 5 feet 8 inches. Sam is not head and shoulders above everyone, so everyone thinks he’s puny. He should be bigger. His hair isn’t red enough. It just went on and on. Finally I just wrote a little piece and said, look, do you have any idea what it is that actors really do? Actors act. They embody the character. It doesn’t actually matter what they look like beyond certain rough physical parameters. Then I explained to them what Sam had done in his audition. I had no idea what to expect when they sent me the audition tapes, but five seconds in, I was thinking he looks fine. Another five seconds, he was Jamie Fraser. I was astonished.

And Caitriona?
Caitriona doesn’t look anything like Claire. I mean Caitriona is 5 feet 10 inches and Claire is 5 feet 6 inches and curvy. She has a good bosom and a very round, somewhat prominent rear end. Caitriona was a Victoria’s Secret model. People complained that Caitriona’s Claire doesn’t seem like book Claire to them, that she doesn’t seem to have any sense of humor, that she seems sort of sullen and humorless. But Caitriona does a beautiful job with Claire. She is different than the book, and that’s because most of what you find funny about Claire is the things she’s thinking, and you can’t do that on a show without constant voiceover.

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  1. I guess folks in California are short, because at two award shows where Sam was in a crowd press gathering, he did tower over most and was recognizable because he was taller. He did have red hair but given the crowd in that room, who cared if his hair color isn’t natural red. Most folks understand that he is an ACTOR.

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