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Here is a new Interview with Sam Heughan from Stewart Christie & Co

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From Stewart Christie & Co:

It’s not often that the origins of two seemingly unrelated entities coincide in a way that allow for an exchange of creative inspiration and collaborative endeavors. Stewart Christie’s beginnings are rooted in the same period of the Jacobite Rebellions, around which the new Starz series Outlander centers. To celebrate this common history, it is our pleasure to invite one of the stars of this new historical fiction into our esteemed tailoring firm to enjoy a piece of Scottish heritage off-screen, and demonstrate the cultural significance of the two institutions coming together. Sam Heughan sits down with us to give a bit of insight into his experience playing Jamie Fraser and what it means for him as a Scotsman to bring to life a part of Scottish history integral to the country’s present day culture. 

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What is the most rewarding part about playing the character of Jamie Fraser as a Scotsman?

This role has been a real “homecoming” for me. I was born and brought up in rural Scotland, but I left for over 14 years. Now I’ve been able to rediscover my childhood/ancestry and fall in love with my home country again whilst being able to bring the things I love about it to an international audience.

 Outlander being historical fiction, what do you think is the most relatable part of the show to the modern viewer?

Outlander lets the viewer have access to a world that is familiar, yet undiscovered. We imagine ourselves, like Claire (the main character), going back in time. How would we cope? What would we do? It’s pure escapism that’s based in a very real historic period.

 Since Jamie finds himself in Edinburgh at several points in the series, just around the time Stewart Christie was founded, what do you think your character would have commissioned from us? 

I’ve discovered a lot about the history of the kilt and of tartan; its origins, and how it became fashionable. Ultimately, for Jamie, it’s a practical piece of clothing, a warrior’s utility belt, so to speak, serving a variety of purposes. I think he’d go to Stewart Christie for something finer, a quality suit, to change into after roaming the highlands!

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  1. He looks good in anything he wears

  2. A very nice interview of taste and restraint. Oh, and Sam’s clothing choices have improved significantly. Actually I’m particularly
    fond of his shoes!!

  3. Beautiful fabric selection. Sam looks verra tired. Doesn’t take away from his good looks though.

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  5. I like Stewart Christie’s interview! Not very long with very good questions and very good and funny answers too.

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