*New* HQ Promo Photos for Outlander Season 2   14 comments

Here are new HQ promo photos for Outlander season 2.



See the rest of the photos after the jump!


14 responses to “*New* HQ Promo Photos for Outlander Season 2

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  1. Swoooon! Terri is a master! Gorgeous! Can’t wait for this season. Dragonfly was my favorite of the books!!

  2. To see these beautiful clothes, and then to realize that they’ve all been made *from scratch* by Terry and her crew is just mind-boggling. Yes, I know, they would have been made by hand back in 1700s but that doesn’t negate the work that went into them now. I do hope Terry gets an award from one of the academies at some point. They all deserve it…..as do the actors for having to wear the costumes. You know the costumes must weigh several poiunds!

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  4. This guy is ok but he is NOT JAMIE!!!!!!

  5. The costumes for season 2 look Exquisite !!

  6. Who are these people? Character names, if not actors names, would be appreciated!

    Manya Greif (◠‿◠)

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  8. costumes absolutely stunning! Terry and her team deserve awards, recognition, and praise!! And I, too, would like to know who all these people are. The ‘new’ ones… Can’t wait for April 9!!!
    Mary Burns

  9. Claire with her class & Jamie with HIS class plus their extraordinarily realistic acting abilities will steal the show and we’ve not even seen it yet. All the main characters have been perfect so far..so we’ll see what ghastly things happen to them next. I’ve read the books but the way they have to alter things to fit the time allowed makes it worth looking forward to in April.

  10. Simply gorgeous costumes… Terry and her team sure make the characters…such talent, passion and creativity. Thank you!

  11. The casting and costumes as always are spot on!

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