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Here is a new photo and interview With Rosie Day from New Look Fashion


From New Look:

From a role in television’s Outlander to a feature part in All Roads Lead to Rome alongside Sarah Jessica Parker, actress Rosie Day is having a stellar year. We grab the up-and-coming star to talk feminism, fandom and fashion on film.

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You’ve starred in the likes of TV’s Misfits and feature parts in films like The Seasoning House and All Roads Lead to Rome- what has been your favourite project so far?
“My favourite project was probably [All Roads Lead to Rome] because it was a rom-com and I’ve always wanted to do one. The Seasoning house was a horror movie I made when I was 17 and that will always have a special place in my heart because it was the first feature film I made.”

Let’s talk about your role in Outlander. How did you prepare for the period drama and did you enjoy wearing the costumes?
“I hadn’t done any period pieces for a while but it was lovely to get back into that and the costumes are the most beautiful things I’ve ever worn.  Each one is handmade and takes months to make and they weigh more than I do! In the sun when it was very hot they were incredibly difficult to wear for 12 hours a day. My favourite dress had to be one I wore in a scene to go to a ball- it was exactly the same colour as Cinderella’s dress!”

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