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By Holly Richter-White

I don’t know about you, but I am really looking forward to interviews with new cast members Richard Rankin, Sophie Skelton, Frances De La Tour, Stanley Weber and so many more. They’ll be all sorts of new questions, never before asked questions. I will learn something new and interesting. It will be fantastic.

But for returning cast, especially major cast members, I swear I will claw my ears off if I hear: “Can you say something in french?” (THEY WON’T) or “If you could travel back in time, when would you…?” (CAIT BACK IN TIME, SAM FORWARD or PERHAPS CAIT FORWARD SO SHE CAN KILL YOU BEFORE YOU ASK HER THIS QUESTION) or “Did you enjoy Paris?” (THEY DIDN’T ACTUALLY SHOOT THERE IT WAS PRAGUE) or “What was the weather like in Scotland?” (IT’S FREAKIN’ WET-FLOODS AND STORMS- EVERY DAY THERE’S BEEN A COMMENT BY CAST OR CREW) or god help me, “Sam, what do you wear under that kilt?” (MY EARS ARE OFFICIALLY UNATTACHED NOW).

This list is not extensive – there are a myriad of other repeated questions that will send many of us over the edge….

And the cast, do you really think they want to hear the same question repeated over and over? Either STARZ has told them not to lose their cool or their mothers raised them to be polite.

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What we know already:

The objective of all of the upcoming STARZ/SONY PR is to a) cultivate new viewers of the show b) satiate current fans. (and not necessarily in that order )

STARZ, who I do believe appreciates us, cannot control the quality of the interview or what is written. We are at the whim of the first group – those who know little to nothing about the show and/or books – to feed our unsatiable appetite for more detailed Outlander information.

And get this, we actually reward interviewers for their primitive questions! We click on their links and give them what they wanted: eyeballs. And so the irony is we enable their lazy journalism. It’s a never ending circle.

No one is asking really good questions. Well not no one, but very few. And truth is, they don’t know what we know, so they don’t know what we want.

We’ve had some great interviews recently with The Sunday Times with Sam Heughan, Gold Derby with Sam and Cait (separate), Wall Street Journal with Sam and Tobias, or John Doyle’s piece on Caitriona, Ron and Maril’s interviews with OutlanderCast (yes, I write for them but I write for them because I LOVE the quality of their podcasts). Of course, there’s also ET, and E! Online’s Kristin Dos Santos, who asks always great questions of the cast and production.

But these experiences are few and far between.

What we can do about it:

Let’s take charge of our destiny! Really, let’s do the cast and ourselves a favour before Season Two.

Don’t let reporters merely “phone it in.” And if they do, please don’t promote their articles. If you feel the need to be someone’s click bait, click here instead:

We want them to ask good questions but how do they know what one even looks like?

This is where we, the diehard Outlander fans, come in.

1. Pose GREAT fan questions. And then we’ll post them up. Outlander Online, as fans of the show, will compile them and make it easy for any interviewer to find.

2. Identify great interviewers. Form a list of our current favorite interviewers. Yes, this can include Ellen. We are a great power because of our numbers. If we campaigned for it, it could certainly happen.

This approach still allows fans for the element of surprise. With a great interviewer, who’s done their own research and doesn’t read our fan question compilation, I doubt we’d be disappointed. But this is mainly not for them.

So let’s begin, shall we. Submit your BEST questions to our poll hosted by Survey Monkey which is open until Feb. 21st. Speak now or forever hold your peace wait for a Twitter Q&A and hope, truly hope, they pick your max. 140 character question.

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  2. Wow. Really, really well written and so true. I cringe when I read some of the interviews. When it’s a video interview and lame questions come up, I cover my my ears and sing la, la, la because it’s just too embarrassing to watch and hear. I also rarely retweet anything to do with Outlander because thousands do it before I even get the chance to read. I’m going to see if I can come up with some new and interesting questions. Thanks again, great idea.

  3. Love it – thinking caps on…………now

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