*NEW* Outlander Season 2 Trailer   11 comments

Here is a new trailer for Outlander Season 2 premiering April 9th

11 responses to “*NEW* Outlander Season 2 Trailer

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  1. OG – Season2 is gonna be EPIC!!! Just Outstanding. Can’t wait for April 9th!

  2. Chills here!

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  4. many many thanks for sharing it. vimeo was not available for me. you do such an important job for gathering us here. bless

  5. This looks even better than i thought it would..im on tenterhooks!!

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  7. Can’t wait. I need my fix now!!

  8. ROCK ON !!!

  9. Pinned onto Outlander the Series.

  10. Could it be that DG will make frank a traveler as well. In his life he does leave a lot . WW2 just made it more convenient to travel thru the stones. It is just that knowing smile/smirk of his that could make it so.

  11. F-ck Frank

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