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It has already begun! The memes, the polls, the conversations comparing Roger to Jamie are circulating throughout the fandom social media platforms.  Most have taken pains to make sure everyone understands these comparisons are about the characters and not the actors playing them, but I have my suspicions.  If we are talking about the actor’s looks well, really that’s just personal preference isn’t it? However, if we are really talking about the characters? That could be fun!

So, I asked some Outlander book fans on Facebook and Twitter to help me sort out which character was the most manly, emotionally mature, intelligent, funny, and skilled.

Of course we don’t have any pictures of Rik Rankin as Professor Wakefield yet, so I’m borrowing some pics from his Twitter and Google!

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ROGER vs JAMIE: Manliness




Okay, …the fans I spoke to gave this one to Jamie.  And, at first blush, so would I.  He’s a bloody man, aye? Claire’s descriptions of him always tend to show us a leader of men, strong, virile, protective.  He takes a licking and keeps on ticking! ( I meant because he gets beat up a lot…really…not that he isn’t great in bed…cause …bow chica wowwow…but….oh, hell…I’m blushing)

Roger Mac may not be a bloody man, but that doesn’t make him less manly. It isn’t that Roger Mac wouldn’t fight to preserve and protect those he holds dear, he would and does, but being raised in the 1900’s versus 1700’s has impacted these two men.  I can’t help but believe that Roger would have been a man very much like Jamie had he been raised in 1700 Scotland. (oh…and…the scene on the landing in the manse…you know which one I’m talking about..a slipping towel…go professor..teach her a thing or two!…blushing again)

ROGER vs JAMIE: Emotional  Maturity





They tied on this one! They both are willing to bend, set their own needs aside for the needs of others, and are constantly taking on tough choices and making the tough decisions.

Example: Jamie took her back to the stones. How do you even begin to appreciate what this man went through; rescuing her from a witch trail, listening to an unbelievable tale about being from the future, and then realizing that there is another man in another place with a prior claim…a husband.   Every agonizing word of good-bye Jamie uttered,  every stumbling step down that hill broke my heart.  He did not beg her even though every fiber of his being wanted her to stay.  He now knew the truth and it couldn’t be ignored. Emotional maturity…integrity.

Example: Roger had his share of tough choices as well.  Following the woman you love through time at the risk of your own life, just to make sure she is okay, has to rank up there.  But, the moment that stands out for me is his return to Fraser’s Ridge.  When told of Brianna’s pregnancy and rape, Roger didn’t run right back to stand by Brianna’s side and be a father to her child. Some folks felt this was weak and selfish.  I feel the opposite. Roger was emotionally mature enough to know that this wasn’t a decision to be taken lightly and that he could not return to Bree without knowing his own heart and mind. When he acknowledged Jemmie as his son, he meant it.  Emotional maturity…integrity.

ROGER vs JAMIE: Intelligence




images (1)

Well, it appears we have another tie! Folks were quick to point out that they are smart in different ways!  The books are full of examples of Jamie’s ability to think quickly on his feet.  His intuition and ability to judge situations and people are awe inspiring and gotten them all out of trouble more than a few times throughout the series. He has a lot of common sense to go along with his book smarts.

Professor Wakefield. Dr. Wakefield. OXFORD. I want Roger on my side especially if I need a walking encyclopedia or need some one who can see the big picture and the details others might miss. Roger is no slouch when it comes to reading and understanding people either. He’s a little short on the thinking on his feet in terrible life threatening situations, but he gets better at it! Experience is a pretty good teacher.

ROGER vs JAMIE : Skills

ROGER (I’m sorry Rik, but OMG how could I NOT use this? click the link! click the link!)

Fullscreen capture 242016 45757 PM.bmp


OR JAMIE (to be fair)


Dancing aside (good lord…I have no words) , this didn’t appear to be contest.  Jamie won hands down. Roger’s singing, bodrain playing, and academic skills were just no match for the myriad skills Jamie learned surviving life in the 1700’s, but the Thrush has a strong back! Will that do?


ROGER (okay, I haven’t any pics of Roger being funny, but Rik certainly is)




This was a tough one for everybody I asked.  Humor is a pretty subjective thing isn’t it? They wouldn’t say Roger wasn’t funny or that he didn’t have a sense of humor, but in general, they thought his humor was a bit understated, subtle if you will.  Jamie on the other hand has made me laugh out loud while reading.  In fact, that is one of the things I’m missing in the TV series and hope we get to see more of Jamie’s humor in season two. I was trying to think of the funniest thing Jamie said or did and it was really hard! He’s pretty amusing.  I especially like it when he doesn’t mean to be funny like…when he wanted to bury his sperm, wee handsome beasties with lashing tails…LOL!

After sitting with this information for a day and mulling over the characters as Diana has written them I came to the conclusion I always come to when studying Outlander…Diana is a freaking genius.  The more I concentrated on Jamie and Roger’s differences the more I saw their similarities!

This started me thinking about what makes someone truly similar to another person.  My husband and I are VERY different people.  The way we think, our approach to problem solving, and the way we communicate are nothing alike and yet, we “compliment” each other.  The reason I think this is true isn’t because opposites attract necessarily, but because our values are the same.  We may have different ways of approaching life, but our “destination” is the same.  We are different people with different experiences and skills, but in the ways that really count…we are the same.  The principal beliefs that guide and anchor us are the same.  I think this can be said of Jamie and Roger, as well.  They compliment each other and add yet another wonderful layer of characterization to this story. Diana has given us two archetypes of what it means to be a man. Different and yet the same…when it really matters.

Thanks to everybody who helped me out on this and Rik, can’t wait to see your Roger!

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  2. Thanks so much! It made Droughtlander both better and harder! Kind of like Jamie and Roger😈😍

  3. Great observations Beth! Makes me so excited for Season 2!!!

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  7. We should always remember a bright creative woman invented both of these men, gave these men their words and caring and loving nature, their strength, even their sense of humor. Both men say the things that women want to hear. But a woman wrote the words.

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