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Recently, the team at Outlander Online has been considering the type of content we want to post to our site. We post everything there is about Outlander, updates from the cast, even other projects the cast members are involved in outside of Outlander. That’s where we want your opinion.

We’ve been thinking about limiting what we post. We want to stick more strictly to Outlander related things, since after all, this is an Outlander fan site. Now, what that means is, we will stop posting stills, videos, pictures, etc. of acting projects the cast members are involved in outside of Outlander. For example, we’ve posted stills of Lotte Verbeek in Agent Carter. In the future, we would stop doing this. We would, however, continue uploading content on Sam Heughan’s involvement in My Peak Challenge, since that is a personal project of his and not another acting project.

To balance this out, we would still update you all through Twitter on the cast members other acting projects and give you links to new photos, interviews, etc. We want to help you all still stay up to date on the cast members if that is what you wish, but we want to contain the type of content we post on this site to strictly Outlander since that is what this fan site is all about.

Please choose an option below on what you think we should do so we can come to a more concrete solution. We began this fan site for the fans and we will continue posting the content the fans want to see.

Thank you!

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  1. Personally, I love pics of the actors but I don’t care for “fan pics” of sam etc with some anonymous fan . Waste of time, not about the show

  2. I agree with limiting posts to Outlander related topics and would prefer to skip fan pics. I always delete them.

  3. I love that Outlander-Online is the only site where I can get tidbits about what the stars of the show are doing outside of Outlander. I would be very sad and disappointed to see that go away. Personally, I don’t think it’s very fair to the stars of the show either because if we’re true fans of them, we should support them across the board no matter what they do. I also absolutely adore the fan pics because some fans take photos of Sam, Caitriona and Tobias better than the media does. And no I’m not just saying all of this because I share a name with the leading lady of the greatest show ever but it is quite nice!

  4. You could link non-outlander material for those of us who want to follow

  5. How about one post per week telling us about new acting projects outside Outlander. No detail, just a list with links.

  6. When does voting end? Thank you for everything you do.

    Mónica Ma.E. Vásquez
  7. de acuerdo, es una buena idea.

  8. I love you site, I wouldn’t change a thing 🙂

  9. opps, I meant I love your site, I wouldn’t change a thing 🙂

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