Outlander Wins ‘The Bingeworthy Award’ at the Critic’s Choice Awards   14 comments

Outlander wins ‘The Bingeworthy Award’ at Critic’s Choice Awards


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14 responses to “Outlander Wins ‘The Bingeworthy Award’ at the Critic’s Choice Awards

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  1. So happy & proud for our Outlander for so many wonderful wins! I’m half way through the 4th book in the series of Diana Gabaldon’s incredible books, & I trust that there will be many more exciting shows, twists, & turns of events in our Outlander world of the future!

    • OMG the books are wonderful. So glad you are reading them. I got hooked, read all of the books so far, then the Lord John books and everything I could get my hands on that Diana has written. They are by far my very favorite books of all time. They are so rich with characters, situations, romance, adventure. I can’t wait for book 9!!!!!

      • Don’t know where I’ve been for the past 20 years , Ive been reading the books one after the other ever since Outlander came on Amazon . I’m on book 4 , they are so gripping . Really hope the series continues right to the last book .
        Unfortuanlly none of my friends have even heard of the series , so have no one to chat to about it .
        Such a shame the BBC doesn’t broadcast it here back in the UK . Never mind I just get Jamie all to myself ..

        • Hi Lorrie! This is Lori from Tennessee, & I read your reply to Linda re: the Outlander books. I’m on book 4 as well! Still, the story continues in a wonderful way! I was wondering why on earth they don’t have Outlander in the UK? Is it because of the conflict history between England vs Scotland? Just curious. I plan on a trip to England, Scotland, & Ireland with my family in the next few years to do more research on our family genealogy (72% English/Scottish). It’s fascinating. We’ve found out that we’re descended from Clan Mc Donald (through our family’s history last name Darrow). We were descended from Druids; Darrow – means Dark Oak. So mysterious! Some of them came thru North Carolina- A state in the US next to Tennessee, which is where our beloved characters in Outlander are in the 4th book! So cool to connect with the global family of Outlander! Have a fantastic day!

          • Hi Lori , I think it’s probably a bit raunchy for the BBC and the episodes are too long , no other reason .
            Scotland is a wonderful part of the UK , I’ve been a few times and can not wait to go again . I’ve always wanted to go to Inverness , even before I started to read the books , so hopefully might be able to get there this year .
            It takes about 8 hours in a car from were I live in Windsor or just half an hour by plane .
            If you ever get a chance you should visit , Edingburgh the capital is a wonderful city , full of history .
            Really looking forward to next series.of Outlander . I think the books will keep me occupied for a few years , even though I have managed to read 4 books in 6 months .
            Love from the UK

            • Oh, I see. I’m inclined to say it’s a bit raunchy, but wonderfully romantic too! What great characters, & perfect casting. I look forward to visiting your country one day; so rich in history & beauty. I just read where Diana Gabaldon said the 4th book takes place in N. Carolina & mountains of Tennessee. I have a cabin in the mountains of Tennessee & have often thought they look like the Scottish Highlands. I don’t know, since I’m just half way through the 4th book, if it takes place in both states, or she meant it will be shot at the 2 places. Anyway, it’s been really nice talking with you Lorrie. Have a wonderful day!

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  3. YES!!! YAY!


  4. Hurray!!!. Congratulations!

  5. Bingeworthy if putting it mildly, Have read Lord John’s novellas as well and put Outlander on my Kindle just in case I have to wait for an appt. somewhere….always sorry when the wait ends and I have to stop reading ! Words fail describing readers’ fascination with the Outlander series of books not to mention the perfect casting in the TV series. A friend just finished the first 8 and wrote ‘I feel like I’ve lost my family !’

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  7. It would have been nice if someone from Outlander had been there to accept the award.Because it was on live T.V. And fans could have seen the award. I missed the program.

  8. I binged as a reader having read the entire series including the Lord John books and spin off novellas THREE TIMES in 18 months and I plan on reading Dragonfly in Amber again before Season 2 starts. I have the TV DVDs as well as Season 1 downloaded from iTunes on my MacBook and I have watched the episodes many times and my niece and I plan on binge watching Season 1 when she comes for a visit in March so we can be fully immersed what Season 2 airs. I wish they would announce a date already so we can start our countdown. And for God’s sake, when are they going to cast Brianna and announce it? Clearly they are having a similar challenge to get it right as they had when looking for Claire and they found Catroina Balfe who embodies the character. I trust they will turn over every rock to find the right Brianna.

  9. Pinned onto Outlander the Series.

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