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Here is a NEW interview with Lotte Verbeek from Marvel about Season 2 of Agent Carter

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From Marvel:

In Season 2 of “Marvel’s Agent Carter”, which premieres Tuesday, January 19 at 9:00 PM ET on ABC, we’ll finally get our first look at Ana Jarvis, wife to Mr. Jarvis and the complete opposite of her husband in every way. Fans have speculated since last season what Ana Jarvis might be like and if they’d ever see her. Actress Lotte Verbeek opens up about what it was like to step into a role that has already been discussed so much but never before seen on screen.

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“Finally, she’s alive!” joked Verbeek. “Ana Jarvis was definitely introduced in the first season in a way where you wondered, was she actually going to be alive and seen? Was she going to just be a voice? And I’m glad I’m alive [laughs]. It’s just really fun because you know, Jarvis is such a strong character in the show and then to be his wife is to be the complete polar opposite of what he is, so that’s been really fun to play.”

We already know a bit of Ana’s backstory from Season 1, such as how she and Jarvis met and that she’s from Hungary. Verbeek revealed that Ana will be bringing a bit of international flair to this season.

Verbeek explains, “Ana Jarvis is Hungarian and I spent a lot of time in Budapest, so that was exciting to me to play someone from a country that I really love – which isn’t mine, but for some reason I always end up playing characters that aren’t Dutch. [laughs] But there is a bit of an accent. I think that’s also a strong thing about the show, that it takes place in America, but Hayley is British and so is James, so you have the Brits, and then there’s just a nice mix of all these characters.”

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