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Wow….what a difference a few days can make!  I am reminded of the first premier Outlander folks attended.  That weekend fans suddenly found themselves awash in images, and interviews, and anticipation! I can remember joking that I had a headache from all the goodness imbibing.  These last few days have held a bit of that excitement for me.  How appropriate were Jamie and Claire’s first lines on the new trailer because yes, it is all beginning again!  So, today I feel the need to metaphorically toast  “To new beginnings” and another season of Outlander.

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I’m sure plenty of you remember our first look at Sam and Caitriona together in the infamous “Come on Sassenach” bit.


Hearts all over the world melted.  It suddenly seemed real! Our beloved characters were going to come to life.  And, may I say they did.  It is difficult for me to remember the old Jamie and Claire I had in my head when I read Diana Gabaldon’s  books. These actors have so embodied their characters that now I only see and hear them.

As of this writing, I have watched the new trailer at least 10 times and still can’t believe I am seeing the Paris Diana wrote about in Dragonfly in Amber, but there it is …right there …on my iPad!


Here is the link in case you would like to watch it again or…again,

And, despite my own pretty vivid imagination and Diana’s wealth of details, what I’ve seen goes far above and beyond my expectations.


I’m sure that when I see it all put together I will be totally immersed in the story, characters, and 1740’s Paris.  But, the trailer is so vividly rich in detail, I find myself going back to watch it for another look at the sets and costumes. I notice something new every time! Kudos to Jon Gary Steele, Gina Cromwell, Terry Dresbach and their teams. And, after seeing that birds’ eye view of Claire walking in the garden, I’m thinking I might want to learn a bit more about the folks running and directing the cameras!  It took my breath away.



I stayed up to watch the Golden Globes hoping against hope that Outlander and its stars would win in a very competitive field.  There really is a lot of good television out there right now (I’m certainly going to check out Mr.Robot to see what the fuss is about).  I’ve even heard it referred to as the “silver age” of TV. I consoled myself with the belief that being nominated truly was an honor and sure to bring new viewers and buzz to the show.  I was glad to see Diana say the same.


The interviews have begun and I have to say, as ridiculous as I know it is, I feel so proud when I watch “our” celebrities being interviewed.  Their sincerity, intelligence, humor, and camaraderie always shines through.  And, I want to give a shout out to SoCal Outlanders, way to represent ! I wish I was a California girl today!


I’ve said this before, but it was a good wind that blew this serendipitous group of people together.  The adaptation of these books could have gone so wrong and yes, I am aware that there are a group of folks who lament Ron’s choices, but overall, the fans I hear from are pleased. I’ve seen bad adaptations and in my humble opinion this isn’t one of them.  It is a quality acted, produced, and filmed series

I’m sure there are a lot of you out there who remember the beginning and how anxious we all were to see the series get positive attention and reviews.  At first, it was a mixed bag of reactions. Some reporters locked onto the idea that this was a Harlequinesque story that would have no crossover appeal for anyone not a middle-age housewife (don’t get me started). We fans had to suffer through all the stereotypical pop-culture cliches they could print. We were frustrated by the dismissive attitudes and perceptions of one of the greatest stories we had ever read! I have to say that I’m feeling a bit smug because we were right, overall, critics and reporters are singing the praises of Outlander.  Three Golden Globe nominations, ye ken!



So,…it’s RUMOURED that we will get a season three and I’m hopeful that the success Outlander has seen so far will only lead to more seasons and more adaptations. This season we will see Jamie and Claire try to change history, become parents, and deal with their own pasts.  We will meet some our favorite characters for the first time; Fergus, Master Raymond, Roger, and Brianna just to name a few. We already know that the adaptation will depart from the book, but if the trailers are any indication, I think we are in for a treat. The series isn’t Diana’s books, but I’ve come to understand that I’ll always have THOSE stories and THAT Jamie and Claire.  THIS Jamie and Claire are a bit different, but they are still my Jamie and Claire and the story is still fascinating.

I’ve heard our principal stars say that they don’t want to read too far ahead in the series because they think it would negatively impact their performances. I have to wonder if they have any real idea of how great this story really is?  It only gets better and their characters (because Diana is a freaking genius) continue to change because they are layered and complex.  I believe they really don’t know that they have landed plop into the middle of an actor’s dream.  They will get to play characters who evolve over time in a story that is never the same. They get to play characters that continue to face everything life can throw at a person like loss, peril, grief, frustration, struggle, acceptance, jealousy, betrayal, forgiveness, etc. and through it all experience the miracle of an enduring love. Starz recognized that this source material had the potential to successfully entertain us for years and years. And, I, for one, am grateful! Think about it…years of Outlander, Jamie and Claire, Bree and Roger, Wee Ian, Lord John, William, Jemmy, wee curly dark haired Mandy and others that are part of more than 670 characters in the world Diana has created and Ron has to draw from.



We’ll have a whole new year to speculate, recap, GIF, blog and celebrate.  A whole thirteen more episodes to look forward to every Saturday night while we sip whiskey, laugh, cry, and sigh.  We’ll have  (hopefully) new cast watches and updates on what is happening on set and behind the scenes, thanks to Maril, Matt, Terry, and Jon Gary.


This is my first experience being part of a fandom and overall, it has been a wonderful experience.  Just today, I heard from Diana and received a lovely tweet from a fan who told me they translate my blogs in Russian.  The world has become a smaller more intimate place where I have found kindred souls and like-minded folks from every corner of the globe. Before the series came out some of the book fans lamented the unavoidable changes that would happen when the the story aired.  We knew our fandom would include people who had never read the books and didn’t really want to.  And, despite what I have been assured is normal growing pains for fandoms, the party just got bigger and like-minded folks easier to find.  The fandom is big enough for us all and news flash… it’s going to get bigger.


It’s still January, so maybe I’m just under the wire on wishes for the New Year!  I’m looking forward to a 2016 full of tolerance, shared excitement, and Outlander...lots and lots of Outlander.


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  1. Thanks Beth!! I really liked this one!! It is adding to the resurgence of my love for Outlander!! And taking me back to the beginning of it all and the major changes the last year has brought! Might even get back on twitter soon 🙂

  2. “I believe they really don’t know that they have landed plop into the middle of an actor’s dream. They will get to play characters who evolve over time in a story that is never the same.”


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  4. I am rereading Dragonfly for the third time to prepare myself. I know it will be different. That Voyager may be a real thing is so exciting – how could we possibly leave Jamie making mad love to Claire and sending her back to Frank? How could we even imagine not seeing Claire’s reunion with Jamie after 20 years. Unfathanable! If Sam and Catriona are in it for the long haul, so are we!!! I don’t think I’ll be completely satisfied until the end of Book Nine and would love Book Ten!

  5. Thank you thank you thank you…..a dream come true seeing my favorite books come to life

    Sent from my iPad


  6. Love your your write ups! I enjoy reading them when I get an email telling me that you have released another thought provoking, fun, interesting and heart felt write up! Thank you for your wonderful insight! Look forward to the many more you will bring forward to share!!!😀

  7. Thank you, this is an amazing blog with insights I never thought of. Despite being an avid life-long reader I had never heard of Outlander before the promos came across my newsfeed in the summer of 2014. Then there was the free first episode online and the rest, they say, is history! Now I’m so hooked it isn’t even funny. I’m attending my first Highland Games this weekend, even driving across the state in possibly severe weather to do so to be with Outlander fans from my state. Going to Scotland is going to happen, someday (was almost there in 2014 but got sick in Dublin). I love the books; I love the show and everything about it!

  8. Thanks again for another wonderful blog. You always seem to keep a positive eye on all things Outlander. I am so excited for the next season too!

  9. Many, many thanks for wording so perfectly what we all think and love about Outlander. Like yourself, I cannot wait for Season 2. It looks so fabulous. Please keep writing!!

  10. Thank you for writing this blog. I always feel like I have read a letter from a friend. A friend who shares my Outlander obsession.

  11. Thank goodness you are back!!!

  12. Fabulous, exciting, sums up my feelings 100%.

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  14. Great article ! I’m late to the party not meeting Claire & Jamie until S1Ep1, but a friend assured me it was worth watching so … I was hooked ! Immediately started reading and listening to the story. LOL glad I listened to audio cause it helped with all pronunciation making the reading more enjoyable. Now waiting for #9 and S2 like everyone else. Keep up the good work !

  15. I love your articles! I started reading the books last year and got totally hooked, I think the show only adds to the enjoyment of reading the books because I can see real faces and actually hear their voices, Can’t wait for season two and beyond!

  16. Thank you for eloquently voice what I feel about OUR Outlander

    Yasmen AKA OutlanderReader AKA Outlander Observer
  17. Lord knows I didn’t have any idea I would fall into obsession, but I did. Saw the ads for the initial program and seeing that it was also a novel, went after it. Hmmm, now that’s a tome but if I could slog through Gone With the Wind in three days, I could manage this. I did then turned around and bought the rest. By the time the series started I was hooked good and proper. Then there was Sam and Cait and the rest of the cast. It was perfection. As things went along I found this site and it is my daily pleasure. Thank you thank you for giving me the opportunity to indulge my obsession in the company of others who have also been caught up in it. Keep up your fine work!

  18. I echo all your thoughts, Beth! Especially regarding the pride I feel towards “our” celebrities when interviewed … displaying intelligence, humor, gratitude and as you said, their wonderful camaraderie! All those involved in Outlander are truly A CLASS ACT!! I am so looking forward to season 2!!

  19. I have never been one of those giddy woman who fawn over stars, even as a teenager. However, I am totally hooked on this series. I have adored the books and the characters are amazing. Obviously I don’t know Sam and Cait but from interviews and such I can “see” that they are warm, funny, kind and just plain good people. I believe they will continue to be those people even when they continue to soar with their successes. Everyone involved with the show have done an incredible job bringing the books alive. There is nothing I can complain about! Of course there will be a season 3…why cast Roger and Bree if there isn’t going to one.
    Thanks for writing your blog. It’s ALWAYS great!

  20. Well said, Beth! You speak for me also! I’m looking forward to April!!!


  21. Upon reading the “books” more than a year ago, I have played that story in my head so many times, reread them at least 4 times, and find new twists and turns each time, my husband thinks I’m having a mid life crisis, perhaps I am and times like these, with so much harshness in our “real” world, I like to be able to go back into time with “our” Jamie and Claire to see true honour and love, not to mention the costumes, sets and scenery. I give great applause to Ron for making Outlander, did I mention his wife’s favorite books, to life, and bring us as close as possible to the books, understanding that television and a book are two different entities, what the mind sees in a book many times cannot be put on screen.

    So this fan of Diana Gabaldon, will be a fan of the whole cast and crew of Outlander for however long it may go on and I say thank you for this girls Fairy Tale come true.

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  23. I am sure like many of Dianes fans who have read her books many many times have answered your blog. You have an incredible insight of the feeling of what we think. I have read these books so many times I feel like I know them like they are part of my family. I am willing to come out of retirement and my acting career to become part of a outlander. Diane Ron Terri and the entire cast and crew of Outlander have done such a phenomenal job with these books I can’t even express in how much I love and adore them. Thank you so much starz thank you so much Ron and Terri and every cast and crew member who have given us this gift and bringing these books to life !

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  25. Pinned onto Outlander the Series.

    • I have been reading for most of my life I am 69 yrs old and this IS thebest series I have ever read. I told my husband when I dye bury them with me , I won”t be alone….Thankyou

  26. sorry I spelt dye instead of die!!!

  27. I bought my first Outlander book in my late 20s when I was a young, stressed mother of 3 and was able to escape into the Outlander world. Over the years, I bought the books as they were released. I’m now in my late 50s and enjoy them as much as I did in my 20s. The TV shows are truly enjoyable with an encredible cast. I was fortunate enough to go to NYC this month and saw Sam in the Tartan Parade and then I saw him and Caitronia at Saks 5th Ave. Got their signatures. YEAH! Both are beautiful people but I have to say that Sam has the kindest, most piercing eyes that go right through you, If that makes any sense. I can understand some of the kindness Cait speaks of when she talks about Sam because it shows in his eyes.

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