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To New Beginnings…Looking Forward to More Outlander   42 comments


Wow….what a difference a few days can make!  I am reminded of the first premier Outlander folks attended.  That weekend fans suddenly found themselves awash in images, and interviews, and anticipation! I can remember joking that I had a headache from all the goodness imbibing.  These last few days have held a bit of that excitement for me.  How appropriate were Jamie and Claire’s first lines on the new trailer because yes, it is all beginning again!  So, today I feel the need to metaphorically toast  “To new beginnings” and another season of Outlander.

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New Picture of Ron D. Moore   2 comments

Here is a new picture of Ron D. Moore from Terry’s twitter!


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New Picture of Sam Heughan for My Peak Challenge   2 comments

Here’s a new picture of Sam Heughan



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