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Here is a new interview with Lotte Verbeek from IGN about her role in Outlander and Agent Carter


From IGN:

Of the many mysteries that were pivotal to Agent Carter: Season 1, the one that many fans attached to the most was, “Who is Mrs. Jarvis?” Edwin Jarvis’s (James D’Arcy) mystery wife who he adored so much was mentioned on numerous occasions throughout the show’s first season, and viewers will finally meet her in Season 2.

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Lotte Verbeek was cast in the role following her arc as Geillis Duncan on Outlander, and she talked to IGN at ABC’s Television Critics Association party about taking two parts that had a lot of fan anticipation.

“Like with Outlander as well as with Agent Carter, I had never heard of Outlander before I got the part. I had never really seen Agent Carter before I got the part,” she said. “I was actually in Europe, I self-taped. When I got the part, I was like, ‘Well, I can’t really see any of it’ because for some reason it was blocked online in Europe. I didn’t really know anything. I just talked to the showrunners, what is it about, what is the character about. I wanted to do more than just being ‘the wife of,’ which I really got.”

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