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Here is the Outlander Winter TCA Panel Script from TV Tango


From TV Tango:

Friday at the Television Critics Association (TCA) Winter Press Tour, Starz presented an OUTLANDER press panel that included series stars Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe, Executive Producer Ronald D. Moore, and creator and author Diana Gabaldon. Answering journalists’ questions, they dished about Claire’s pregnancy, revealed that Jaime and Claire play father and mother to sort of a surrogate son, and discussed the roles of fashion, fighting and Frank in Season 2. We edited the panel’s proceedings for clarity and readability, and added photos from TCA and from Season 2.

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Question: Cait, do you prefer the fashions of Paris or Scotland?

Caitriona Balfe: I think Terry [Dresbach, costumer designer and wife to Ronald D. Moore] will agree with me that I don’t know if we’d called the Scottish clothes necessarily fashions. They’re very practical clothes. It was a palette that was very muted and fabrics that were very practical and sort of earthy. But once we went to Paris, I think Terry was given this incredible freedom to make the most incredible beautiful pieces, so we have very rich fabrics, gorgeous colors, and it just looks amazing. It’s so sumptuous.
Question: Sam, because you’ve moved from the Highlands to France, has the style of fighting changed at all?

Sam Heughan: Wow. I would say that the danger in Paris and Versailles is less physical with the swords and weaponry. It’s more politics and backstabbing and poison. It’s more hidden. There’s a lot more politics at work and a lot more danger, so it’s a different kind of world. But we certainly do go back to Scotland where we go back to the mud and blood and gore. So there’s something for everyone.

Question: Sam, Jamie went through so much at the end of last season. How much is all that he went through with Randall with him? And how much is it still with you since I know those scenes were not easy to shoot?

Sam Heughan: Yes. It certainly played out in Season 2, but it’s not the primary focus of the season. Obviously we go to Paris on this mission, and we’re there for a reason. But Jamie’s definitely still affected by the trauma. I think time is a great healer, but ultimately, he puts his whole body and soul into this mission about changing history, and then there is a great revelation that kind of cures him — or brings him out of himself — which I can’t really tell you what that is, but it certainly brings back the old Jamie.

Whether or not that still lives with me, yes, I guess. I think myself and Caitriona, we both love any scenes that are kind of quite dramatic that we can really get our teeth into, that we can really stretch ourselves, our acting ability. I thoroughly enjoyed those episodes and look forward to more challenges.

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  4. 1st thank you for posting the interview. I caught some of the answers on Twitter but this is better. Excellent and different questions. So looking forward to tonites Golden Globes. Fingers & toes crossed (can’t be any worse than numb fingers from voting) wishing them all luck.

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