Terry Dresbach nominated for the 18th Costume Designers Guild Awards   18 comments


From The Hollywood Reporter:

The annual CDGA ceremony will be held Feb. 23 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles, where Cate Blanchett will receive the Lacoste Spotlight Award and Quentin Tarantino will receive the Distinguished Collaborator Award. Ellen Mirojnick will also receive the Honorary Career Achievement Award and Dyer Edwina Pellikka will be honored with the Distinguished Service Award.


Outstanding Period Television Series
The Knick – Ellen Mirojnick
Mad Men – Janie Bryant, Tiffany White Stanton
Masters of Sex – Isis Mussenden
Outlander – Terry Dresbach
Penny Dreadful – Gabriella Pescucci

18 responses to “Terry Dresbach nominated for the 18th Costume Designers Guild Awards

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  1. Pinned onto Outlander the Series.

  2. Well deserved. Hope shecwins.

  3. If beauty and authenticity are two of the criteria for this award, Terry is a shoe-in. No pun intended… Good Luck, Terry!

  4. Congratulations! I love her pieces. I am busy knitting / crocheting interpretations of the shawls, capelets and cowls from Outlander! Terry is inspiring and designs beautiful. I do hope she wins!

  5. Costumes on Outlander are exceptional. Terry’s details are much appreciated by this woman who appreciates another strong woman. We’ve earned our scars in respective fields and rightly enjoying the sunny side of life.

  6. Such great news , She is so deserving of this award .And the great staff she has must be great and talented also.I hope she wins ! Fantastic

  7. Well deserved nomination. The integrity of all of her designs is off the charts. She deserves to win.

  8. So well deserved to a great lady of such a special talent~~ Your costumes are so lovely. It seems that you are a “time traveler” as well you have brought them back from another era!!

  9. Terry deserves to win – no issue!!!

  10. Love everything Terry does, especially putting bug in Ron’s ear to do the series…

  11. Terry’s skills are epic. She so deserves to win!!!

  12. So proud of Terry and her immeasurable contribution to Outlander! We are all pulling for you to win!

  13. Excellent and beyond well deserved

  14. A foregone conclusion!

  15. Reblogged this on andreastam.

  16. Absolutely fantastic costume designer..you deserve to win

  17. Terry deserves so much more, her and the costume department are head and shoulders above any other

  18. Wow just saw this and cannot think of anyone more deserving…your talents are so far up there and you bring them to the front in this marvelous series….Congratulations!!

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