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Here is a new interview with Terry Dresbach from ELLE Magazine about costumes


From ELLE Magazine:

“The biggest constraint that you always have in the business is not so much what the costumes are going to do—because most peoples’ clothing don’t do things, they just have to be—but it’s about having the time to make them.

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And being married to the show’s executive producer [Ronald D. Moore], being able to go, ‘Are you going to do this scene, are you going to do that one? Are we going here? Are we going there?’ And then you know the wonderful thing about being on this show is that we have not modernized it, we have not contemporized it.

Ron has been very, very clear that he wants things to be as realistic as possible. So that dictates how the costumes function. We have to have a separate room for our lead actress, Caitriona [Balfe], to get dressed in, because her costumes don’t fit through her trailer door. So it’s not about figuring out a way to do a contemporary television show with the expectations that most contemporary TV has but rather doing it accurately. So, if you’re getting dressed, it takes 45 minutes and you need someone to help you. You can’t pop in and out of costumes the way that you can on a contemporary show. There is no scene where someone unbuttons their dress and drops it on the floor. We have to train everybody on how to get in and out of clothing. You need a maid to come in, you need your ladies maid to come in and help you get dressed.


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