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I can’t believe it’s been six months since we last saw a new episode of Outlander!  However, Starz new season 2 promo gave us lots to look forward to, so I’m back on Outlander Online anticipating away!  For my first look ahead for Season 2, we are going to need a crystal ball or binoculars because I’m peering pretty far down the road and into the future. The dust has barely settled on the Golden Globe announcements and I’m already thinking about next year.  It isn’t that I’m that fickle or ungrateful, on the contrary, I’m still feeling that warm glow of recognition.  I’m thrilled that Outlander and those folks who worked so hard to make it a show to be proud of are getting the attention they deserve.  It is an exciting time to be an Outlander fan.

But, I’m still also fretting about Sam Heughan.  I know the competition was tough.  I know we were lucky to get any nods, but still… I’ll argue for his performance deserving an award against anyone’s.  It was truly remarkable.  However, what is done is done and being a pragmatic person, I’m moving on.  I know there are other awards coming up and maybe someone will take a closer look at Outlander because of the Golden Globes and if they do maybe they’ll recognize Sam’s performance as award winning.  Do we get to vote? No?  …damn…

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So, as I said,  today I’m looking toward the future.  Yesterday, I read an EW interview that Ron gave and regarding Sam’s snub he said,

“He has a much bigger part in the second season. If you think of the arc of his character in this first season, it was a much slower build,” says Moore. “It was really Claire’s story, which included certain issues and characters along the way. He certainly has a lot more material in the second season than in the first.”


This started me thinking about Dragonfly in Amber and which scenes had the potential to earn our trio, Sam Heughan, Caitriona Balfe, and Tobias Menzies, awards nods next year.


There are potentially a lot, like when I’m sure PTSD will rear its ugly head, when Jamie sees Alex Randall for the first time or when he sees Jack Randall come back from the dead. Claire’s scene in the secret chamber with Master Raymond, the King, and Count St. Germain and her time in the hospital are all potentially great scenes that lend themselves to award-winning performances.  But, in my opinion, there are three particular scenes so fraught with emotion they may be as difficult to watch as Wentworth (well, okay maybe not as hard as that).  I believe by the time these scenes roll across our screens we will be so invested in Jamie and Claire’s relationship it will be difficult not to identify with them.  The audience will care about them and feel for them and with them.


This scene follows on the heels of Jamie discovering that Jack Randall is alive.  Claire knows that Jamie will challenge Jack to a duel.  It is hard to tell how the writers will fit this scene into the story, but it is so vital I can’t imagine it would be left out.   We will see Claire struggle with her belief that if Jamie kills Jack he will also be killing Frank.  Desperate to keep Jamie from killing or being killed, she tells the authorities that Black Jack is guilty of rape and he is put in jail before Jamie can challenge him in a duel.

The scene that follows when Jamie realizes what she has done is filled with feelings of betrayal, disbelief, and then outrage when she begs him to promise not to kill Black Jack for her sake.

“How can you ask it of me?  You of all people…”

How could she ask him? How could she not? This scene will ask the viewer the questions “What would you ask of or do for those you love?” and “What are you willing to risk to do the right thing?”  Caitronia Balfe and Sam Heughan will have the chance to show us.


I’m not sure how this scene will be changed, but I’m guessing that we won’t see it played out exactly like the book based on what I saw in the Season 2 trailer.


This scene is one of my top three because of its theme of loss, grief and forgiveness.  Jamie and Claire experience a great loss and Claire blames Jamie.  He blames himself as well.  Their grief is more than double because they have lost each other as well as their child. Even when Claire comes to understand Jamie’s reasons for what she sees as a betrayal and even admitting to herself that she probably would have lost the child anyway, the grief she experiences may be too great to overcome.  She clings desperately to the numbing oblivion of her depression.  Thinking and feeling are too painful.  When Jamie begs her to give him but one moment because he “does not even know if it was a boy or a girl”, it’s heart-wrenching. I read these scenes with tears streaming down my face. I can’t imagine how I’ll get through watching Claire and Jamie’s struggle back to each other.



By the end of season 2, I’m sure the viewers of Outlander on Starz will feel as intimate with Jamie and Claire as the readers did at the end of the second book. I don’t think I even have words to express the beauty of the that final scene of Jamie and Claire together.  Jamie knows he is a walking dead man and asks Claire to return to the future.  At first, she refuses more than willing to die with him, but Jamie breaks through to her when he reveals that he knows she carries his child and begs her to go for their child’s sake.  Their farewell to each other for what they believe is forever is more than moving.  It is beautifully devastatingly wondrous, a monumental moment of true love and self-sacrifice. Sam and Cait will have the chance to leave viewers feeling lifted up by love and yet, gutted by its loss. Lord, I hope they kept the initials scene!

So, as you can see, there are plenty of meaty scenes and plenty of potential to impress. Personally, I can’t wait to see Sam and Cait and Tobias’ award winning performances in season 2. Cuz…Outlander!

Remember to check back next week for more Outlandish Anticipation!

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  1. Acadamy awards are just for movies. I don’t think they will get to spend ages on the after the loss. There just isn’t time. It will have to be ffwd like the Abby recovery. Thats my opinion anyhow. But am sure it will all be brilliant. Can’t wait.

  2. GREAT choice of scenes and I probably would have picked the same ones! Even though I know how the story will go on, I can’t read their farewell at the stones without crying, it just breaks my heart every single time. The scene in which Jamie confronts Claire about sabotaging his earned right to kill BJR in a duell will be so intense and emotional and so will the scene when Jamie finally finds Claire after she has lost the baby. I really hope they won’t change too much of the pivotal dialogues or if they do they replace it with words equally poignant and emotional. I can’t freaking wait!!!

    Thanks for this lovely post!

  3. It’s the case of “I want to see it, but I don’t want to see it.” I know that the end of season two will be the polar opposite of season one in that Jamie and Claire will not sail off into the sunset. There is the hope of a reunion….over twenty years later, but the separation will be excruciating!! Not just for Jamie and Claire, but for the entire Outlander family who will have to wait another year to see season three (God willing).
    Definitely, this is the time to buy stock in the Kleenex tissue company!
    This series deserves every award that the public can throw out. I’m just honored to be on the ground floor of those who were able to begin this unique and unforgettable journey with them. Continued success to all of our Outlander family! Tulach Ard!

  4. Great commentary. Just reading about the scenes has tears running down my face.

  5. Beth – lovely writing, “It is beautifully devastatingly wondrous, a monumental moment of true love and self-sacrifice.” I couldn’t agree more. And YES, the initials. PLEASE RON!!

  6. Great article! I, too, am still upset by Sam’s snub. Verra unfair! I believe the initials will be kept in as they are referred to later.

  7. You wrote a fantastic article. I was very upset about Sam’s snub but there will be other award shows in the future. I love the scenes that you picked for I have read the books. Looking forward to your next article.

  8. Goodness between reading the book [again] reading these beautiful responses I am still crying.

  9. Love reading what you write. It is like holding up a mirror to my mind. Waiting very patiently for Season 2 and for Sam to receive the awards he derserves.

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  11. I’m into the third reading of the books and tho i know what happens each time I’ve read them, it doesn’t get any easier. Diana’s words make you laugh and cry at the same time, give you chills and heartbreak but you never want to put them down.
    I can’t wait to see season 2!!

  12. I so hope you are right. The ending of DIA is one reason I am happy to wait for it.

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  13. I just reread DIA anticipating S2. Boy we’re the years flowing! I’ve read the 8 bla and heartbreaker every one!!

  14. My first thought at seeing the scene of Jamie following Claire was that it was when he comes to find her after the duel and all its repercussions. But with all the soldiers in the background, it makes me wonder if it’s when they are at the palace and see Alex Randall for the first time. Just curious what you thought. I don’t recall there being soldiers around when Jamie comes to find Claire-of course I am only on my second read through the books and am amazed at how much I have forgotten. Diana is amazing and to be able to read and reread and see new things and be emotionally moved over and over again just blows my mind! Thanks Beth for helping with the Droughtlander!

  15. I think that a very strong scene is the one during which Jamie kills Dougal McKenzie . Also the scene when Claire and Jamie meet again after their daughter Faith is “gone” Many powerful scenes in DIA !!! Sam will once again show his amazing talent .

  16. There are so many heart wrenching things in Dragonfly in Amber and you’ve mentioned a few of them here; can’t wait to see Sam and Cait act or in their cases “not act” but feel their way through these scenes. They’re so good together and I’m so looking forward to seeing them again and the rest of the cast and new actors that will be joining the show. Thank you for your wonderful review and comments on the shows, always appreciate reading them.

  17. Apropos Nada !

    I AM Going to REWRITE Diana !!

    Quelle Horreur !!! Second Guess HERSELF ???

    OUI !!!!

    BECAUSE : I want Murtagh to stay, to be Jamie’s right hand man, to go with them to America,
    to build a cozy log cabin on the Rise, to meet a lovely lass, to stay on and on.

    Do NOT kill Murtagh. For, though I adore Jamie, I also love Murtagh.

    Just Jeanne

  18. Wonderful article. I have also been thinking to season 2. Wondering about the last of the seasons episodes, I think if it is as intense as the book. There will be more Golden Globe Awards and Sam will definitely, get his.

  19. You do know Sam has 2 movies coming out..1st he is a depressed writer whose wife leaves him he starts to write a story changing how he should have lived Arabella Oz DR OZ is her dad’ they hook up… 2nd one he plays a professor who has cancer along comes a student who starts to work for him..Anyway they travel around the world..Oh hum. wonderful……maybe SAm had better pick better stories..Look I LOve Sam but he can’t always play the lover

  20. A pivotal scene for me was the day after Jamie went to Claire when he was released from prison (yet again). They were not intimate that first night, but he took her for a ride to some cliffs the next morning. Finally when they stopped to rest, he brought up the incident where she had gone to the king to get Jamie’s release and it required her to be intimate (of a sort) with the king. It didn’t seem they would get past that and he brushed her breast with the nettles. Very intense then.

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