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SPOILERS: A Look at Season 2 Potentially Award Winning scenes   31 comments

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I can’t believe it’s been six months since we last saw a new episode of Outlander!  However, Starz new season 2 promo gave us lots to look forward to, so I’m back on Outlander Online anticipating away!  For my first look ahead for Season 2, we are going to need a crystal ball or binoculars because I’m peering pretty far down the road and into the future. The dust has barely settled on the Golden Globe announcements and I’m already thinking about next year.  It isn’t that I’m that fickle or ungrateful, on the contrary, I’m still feeling that warm glow of recognition.  I’m thrilled that Outlander and those folks who worked so hard to make it a show to be proud of are getting the attention they deserve.  It is an exciting time to be an Outlander fan.

But, I’m still also fretting about Sam Heughan.  I know the competition was tough.  I know we were lucky to get any nods, but still… I’ll argue for his performance deserving an award against anyone’s.  It was truly remarkable.  However, what is done is done and being a pragmatic person, I’m moving on.  I know there are other awards coming up and maybe someone will take a closer look at Outlander because of the Golden Globes and if they do maybe they’ll recognize Sam’s performance as award winning.  Do we get to vote? No?  …damn…

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NEW Picture of Diana Gabaldon   2 comments

Here’s a new picture of Diana Gabaldon

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*NEW* Caitriona Balfe’s Reaction on her Golden Globes Nomination   4 comments

Caitriona Balfe’s reaction on her Golden Globes nominations as Best Actress in Drama for Outlander

From Variety

“I’m absolutely thrilled and honored to be nominated alongside these incredible actresses and for a show that has been such a wonderful experience for me. A big thank you to the HFPA as well as STARZ, Sony and my ‘Outlander’ family, both here in Scotland and back in the States.”


New/Old Picture of Caitriona Balfe   2 comments


Friday flashback with the incredible @caitrionabalfe for#TatlerMagazine in #india #makeup by me 🙂 #tan #fashion #shoot #woman#irish #actor #caitrionabalfe

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