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From EW:

“If you think about what she did, being part of every scene plus her voice-over, you can’t help but be impressed with Cait,” says Moore of the Irish actress, who plays Claire Beauchamp in the Scotland-set period series. “It’s a unique performance, and it’s a tremendous responsibility … she’s earned her place in those ranks.”

Though he hasn’t yet had a chance to speak to Menzies – he shared his congratulations to Balfe via email – Moore is equally thrilled that Menzies has earned a nomination for his performance in the dual roles of Frank Randall and Jonathan “Black Jack” Randall. As fans know, the two characters couldn’t be more different – one a mild-mannered history professor, the other a bloodthirsty military officer – and it’s Menzies’ handling of the latter’s sensitive material that Moore says was worthy of consideration by the HFPA.

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On Sam

“He was a huge part of the success of the show. We’ve always thought of he, Cait, and Tobias as our big three,” says Moore. “It’s just a very competitive year, a very tough field. I wish Sam was included, but in our hearts he absolutely is because he’s incredibly deserving.”

“He has a much bigger part in the second season. If you think of the arc of his character in this first season, it was a much slower build,” says Moore. “It was really Claire’s story, which included certain issues and characters along the way. He certainly has a lot more material in the second season than in the first.”

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From TV Line:

TVLINE | These are major nominations, especially for a new show with a weird concept.
We’re all very surprised and very honored. It’s really great for the entire team. They’re out there right now shooting in Scotland in the dark and cold. It’s winter. It’s a big shot in the arm for everybody. It’s a lot of hard work to make this show and it’s great to see it recognized.

TVLINE | I don’t mean to bring the party down, but it’s surprising Sam Heughan didn’t get nominated when Caitriona Balfe and Tobias Menzies did. Why do you think that might’ve been?
I agree. I wish Sam had absolutely been recognized, too. We always think of them as the Big 3 on the show. He’s a huge part of our success, so that is disappointing. He absolutely deserved to be recognized, as well.

TVLINE | You’re one of the few people right now who can compare Season 2 to Season 1. What can you tell us?
It’s more lavish. It’s a completely different look. It goes to Paris. It has a completely different vibe. It feels like we start the show all over again… You get this great sense that we’re on a big, long, epic adventure this year.

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  1. The legions of fan following and comments from viewers are very important for programming and for actors. We all know how awesome Sam’s talent is and he is constantly recognized for his accomplishments. Sam’s finale scene will be looked at for years as an example of fine dramatic acting in television. That is the best reward for Sam and all the others. The production crew, the directors the designers and everyone involved are rewarded for their efforts in bring this very unusual story to TV success. It couldn’t be done without committed teamwork. Tulach Ard!!

  2. I am so very HAPPY for Cait. Boy does she deserve this. I KNOW Sam will get the next award!

  3. I’m thrilled that the wonderful work of OUTLANDER, Caitronia, and Tobias were recognized by Golden Globes! I truly wish Sam had also been nominated for his tremendous acting in Season 1. Hopefully, awards will be forthcoming for him SOON! THANKS to all cast and crew and a special THANKS to Ron Moore for bring our beloved books to life!

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