Outlander’s 1×16 ‘To Ransom A Man’s Soul’ on Yahoo TV’s Best TV Episodes in 2015   10 comments

Outlander’s ” To Ransom a Man’s Soul” made Yahoo TV’s Best TV Episodes of 2015 at #14. Congrats!!


Source (you can view the rest of the list there too)

10 responses to “Outlander’s 1×16 ‘To Ransom A Man’s Soul’ on Yahoo TV’s Best TV Episodes in 2015

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  1. Both Sam Heughan and Tobias Menzies gave incredible performances in this particular Episode. Hats off, gentlemen!

  2. This was such a powerful episode.The acting was incredeble !Never been so shattered before.!this was acting at it’s finest .

  3. This entire season has been incredible, but the acting in the last two episodes was breathtaking. All the actors and the crew should be extremely proud of this production. As a fan, I can only say thank you.

  4. A harrowing episode, which tore my heart out, and will live with me always. The calibre of acting by both Sam Heughan and Tobias Menzies, was incredible. Such dedication to their craft can only be admired.

  5. Pinned onto Outlander the Series.

  6. Tobias & Sam were incredible… This was a tear-filled, wrenching episode… the best part was when Black Jack got flattened! Karma

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  8. This was unquestionably one of the best episodes on TV this year. You wanted to look away but couldn’t because the acting held you spellbound. Kudos to Sam Heughan and Tobias Menzies for their portrayals of Jamie and Black Jack.

  9. Acting does not get any better than the performances given in this episode! Awards should be given to these two men, above all others for their performances in the last two episodes of “Outlander” Season One!

  10. This episode was by far the best I have ever seen on TV! I was in such pain for Jamie but also spellbound! Both actors deserve all the awards for their performances!

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