Graham McTavish named World Peace Tartan Ambassador

Graham McTavish named World Peace Tartan Ambassador


From Scotland Now

OUTLANDER actor Graham McTavish was honoured to be named a World Peace Tartan Ambassador in Edinburgh

The Scots actor, who plays Dougal MacKenzie in the hit show was presented with a framed ambassador endorsement at the Tartan Weaving Mill on the Royal Mile’s Castlehill, by Victor Spence, founder of the Peace Tartan.

Graham was honoured to represent the Peace Tartan just days after the tragic events in Paris, where much of the second season of Outlander is set.

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He said: “I wish with all my heart that things like that didn’t happen but I’m not naive enough to think that terrible things don’t happen in the world. We should not run away from pain and suffering but take a stand.

“My role is to spread the word. Tartan is a world recognised symbol of Scotland and it’s wonderful that it can be used to propagate an ideal.

“Wearing this tartan is what I can do on a public basis. I hope I can contribute by simply wearing a kilt and talking about what the Peace Tartan stand for – we want to get more images of peace out there rather than images of violence.”

The actor, who plays a war chieftain in Outlander, added: “The irony hasn’t been lost on me. We’ve been filming some difficult sequences recently not compatible with my role as a peace ambassador. But Outlander is an historical story and we can’t pretend that these things didn’t happen.”

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