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*PSA* RingCon HQ Pictures   Leave a comment

Hello wonderful followers,

We’re here to let you know that the lovely people at Far Far Away have asked us to take down the HQ pictures we posted of the Outlander cast from RingCon. They were asked by the copyright owners to take down the pictures on there site and in turn, they have asked the same of us. We gladly obliged and we ask that if any of you have posted the HQ RingCon pictures from Far Far Away that you take them down. It would be much appreciated.

To clarify, you only need to take down pictures if you got said pictures from Far Far Away. As far as I know, other photos of the cast at RingCon are fine.

Thanks guys! That’s all.

– The Outlander Online Team

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*CASTING NEWS* Clive Russell Joins Cast of Outlander Season 2   3 comments

Clive Russell has been cast as Simon Lovat in Outlander season two!

From Diana Gabaldon:

New Casting News! Clive Russell has been cast to play Jamie’s (and Jenny’s) grandfather, Simon Lovat–aka “The Old Fox,” and very aptly named, too…
I met Clive at the table-read on Wednesday; a huge presence and did a wonderful job with the script. He’ll be great!

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