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From Scotland Now

When asked if there will be a third season, Ron told BBC Scotland: “I’m very hopeful. We’re talking about doing a third season now and I’m pretty sure we’re going to get it. “I’ll be shocked if we don’t but you never know until you actually do it.”
The news is likely to excite Outlander fans across the globe, who can’t get enough of the hit show.

“But for all the exteriors when we have carriages going down the streets in Paris, there’s nothing like that here and even Paris doesn’t look like that anymore. So we went to Prague and shot there for almost two weeks.

“It just looks like Paris and it’s easier to sort of edit up and make it believe. It’s called cross-boarding and we just took the scenes that were for exterior streets in Paris and we just shot them together at the same time in those two weeks in Prague.”

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