Full Interview with Sam Heughan from Riverside Show   5 comments

Here is the FULL interview with Sam Heughan from Riverside Show

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Click on the picture or click here to view the full video

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5 responses to “Full Interview with Sam Heughan from Riverside Show

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  3. I cannot quite watch sam in the same spirit after the disgusting and lewd conversation he had with lingerie model Rachel Mortensen on IG 2 days before this was filmed. For me his behaviour and his subsequent following of Rachel on Twitter has really tarnished his image for me, when all along he was making out that he would do ‘anything’ and ‘everything’ for Cait! Just goes to show that he had us all fooled!

  4. Sam is a good actor and a showman Maybe the comments about Cait were scripted. Maybe Cait rejected him. No one really knows what goes on in their private lives. It is hard for a celebrity to have a private life.

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