*NEWS* Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish to Attend JIBLAND   2 comments

Great News!! Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish to attend JIBLAND

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From JIB article:

Hello JIB Family!
Are you ready for more?
Because we have some very exciting news for all of you!

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We’ve been working crazily these past months to give this to you and finally we are proud to introduce   JIBLAND!

JIBLAND will come to life 24th-26th May 2016 at the Hilton Rome Airport Hotel!

There will be some of our favorite guests and some very new ones to create a different mix that we believe is going to be as wonderful as the traditional JIBCON.

JIBCON always seems to end too soon, leaving all of us wanting more: more fun, more friends, more guests, more time…
JIBLAND is our solution to have all of that!
If you decide to stay with us longer than the usual weekend we can double everything and make it even better.

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