*NEW* Q and A from Matt Roberts on Instagram   4 comments

Here is the Q and A Matt Roberts did on Instagram today


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4 responses to “*NEW* Q and A from Matt Roberts on Instagram

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  1. Thanks for such a great show! So many times books do not transfer to the screen very well, but y’all have done a GREAT job with Outlander. Keep up the good work Can’t wait for seaso;n 2!

  2. no one asked the most burning question of all. Are they following the storyline. ??????

    • I’ll bet that they would say that for the most part, they are, except when they can’t or it doesn’t work in film. Diana didn’t write with the intent or expectation that it would be anything but a novel – she could write whatever her imagination dictated. There are so many limits, like time/episode, number of episodes, and establishing time, place, and characters. Daunting to me! It will _not_ be the book on film; it will be a TV rendition of the story. Betcha!

  3. I agree. Books from different era are hard to make but add the right historical facts in makes these books the best series I ever read and now I am actually seeing the books through my eyes which takes it to an other level. Can’t wait for season 2. As soon as I know I will watch 1 again so I go right into 2.

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