Sam Heughan to attend Laphroaig Live! on Sep 24th   6 comments

Sam Heughan is going to be at  Laphroaig distillery next Thursday

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For more informations click here or on the picture

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6 responses to “Sam Heughan to attend Laphroaig Live! on Sep 24th

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  1. I want to go!!! We loved Scotland and so want to go back!!
  2. That place is going to be mobbed! Do they (the distillery) know what they’ve done?! What fun it would be to be there.

  3. Have a good stiff shot for me.

  4. I don’t believe the Anniversary celebration is open to the public, but you can watch it on the link given in the press release.BTW, I am a Friend of Laphroig, and as such, received this announcement yesterday (Thursday.) You too, can be a FOL. Visit their website.

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  6. wooooo! Just got back from 2 weeks in Scotland! I wish I could be there!

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