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Hi all,

Marie here, I thought we needed to clarify a few things. Something’s been very wrong with parts of the Outlander fandom lately. It’s turning into a toxic place and trust me, I know about toxic fandoms. I own a big site for an actor who was once part of a fandom like that. Those of you who follow both sites know this, you’ve also known me for a while. Which means that you also know that I don’t stand for this.

We have very strong principals on this site. One of them is that we don’t stand for hate, ever. Whether it’s hate being sent to actors of the show, to other actors, or to other people. A lot of people find it very easy to sit behind a computer keyboard and send hate over the internet. To those who send hateful tweets, I’m going to ask you this: What you’re about to tweet, would you say it to said person if they were standing in front of you? If the answer is no, then don’t tweet it. If the answer is yes, walk away from your computer, take a few deep breaths, or go for a walk, then and only then, come back. If you still feel like tweeting hate, don’t tweet it.

It’s fine to be angry about something, we understand that. But there’s a difference between being angry and being hateful towards someone. There are ways you can express yourself without being hateful. Someone once said that hating someone is letting someone live rent free inside your head. No truer words have been spoken. If someone is being truly awful and you can’t stand it, the answer is simple: click on the block button, they won’t show up in your feed ever again. Problem solved.

We won’t shy away from calling people out. What some people tweeted to William Shatner today was horrible. People were actually tagging us in their hateful tweets to William Shatner. First of all, we don’t want to be part of that. Secondly, why is it even remotely okay to be so hateful towards someone?

Like I mentioned earlier on Twitter, if you tag us in hateful comments towards other people, if you send us hate via tweets or throw shade at us we will block you. If you leave hateful comments below we will IP block you off the site. If you send us hateful tweets on our personal accounts, we will also block you. Nobody has time for that. There’s enough drama in real life, no need to add fandom drama on top of that.

That being said, there are some awesome people in this fandom and those people deserve a huge shout-out. You guys are awesome and always amazing.

Stay positive, keep the negative away 😉


Definition of Shade from Urban Dictionary:

“Acting in a casual or disrespectful manner towards someone/dissing a friend”
Throwing shade, acting kinda shady

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65 responses to “Something’s Wrong With The Outlander Fandom and It Needs To Stop

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  1. Fandom is about Loveing a show, actor, author etc. Loving means there is no room for hate. Well said! Now when does the 2nd season start again?

  2. Thank you for your thoughtful, apparently all too necessary note. I had no idea. Why was Mr. Shatner dragged into Outlander fandom anyway? We’ve all been having such a great time. What happened?

    • He inserted himself into by being a fan of Arrow. He attracted the show the acting and accuracy. But he got his 5 minutes in the spotlight in doing so. So he brought all this down on himself WE as A Fandom didn’t start this …HE did. Now we just need to prove him wrong and vote the Arrow character out.

    • William Shatner is someone with a big sense of humour. He tweeted to vote for Emily Bett Rickards from Arrow, because he likes Arrow. People got upset at him and started sending him hateful tweets.

      • No…its what he said about the show the character Claire and that it was gratuitous. And that a woman wouldn’t have acted as Caitriona betrayed her. William Shatner’s response was sexist & derogatory That’s what cause “SOME” people to respond as they did.

        • First, the things he said about Outlander/Claire were in response to the hateful tweets people were sending him. Two, he was joking. Three, this conversation right here is what we wanted people to avoid doing. You can dislike and disagree with what William Shatner did or what we’re saying. Just don’t leave comments on our posts.

        • Sorry – I have to disagree. Clair can definitely be ‘uppity’ is a word I think Shatner used. Claire is a very strong woman and so can be quite abrasive. Shatner IS a fan of Arrow, he has done live tweets during the show. Someone pointed out the poll and he responded as any ‘fan’ of the show might. He also said he had watched the first episode and gave an opinion. Instead of saying “yea! A SM savvy star is watching our show, encouraging him to look beyond that first episode and get into more of the entire show, ‘some’ people jumped down his throat for having an opinion they didn’t like. So now we have a fairly major player in Hollywood that likely knows Ron (since Ron has done work on the Star Trek franchise) that has been dissed by the Outlander fandom. Not a smart move. There are going to be people that don’t like Outlander, that feel the sex is gratuitous, and that Claire is a flaming bitch (because come on be honest – she CAN be). Telling people they are ‘wrong’ and jumping down their throat is really not a good way to get them to give it another try or more exposure. Some people just feel the need to find something, anything, to get pissed off about and spew hate. I wish those so inclined would find another fandom to inhabit.

  3. Well said, marie. Im with you

  4. I have never sent a hateful tweet to someone. Even when that person has been ugly and hateful to me. I may state my option but I try never to threaten or be vulgar. I generally ignore ugly vulgar tweets. It’s not worth the drama.That being said, when is it OK for others to berate our fans; show and/or stars? And when can we as fan and friends defend it??

  5. Thank you and i agree.

  6. Noticed some of those earlier today. So I tweeted thanking him for giving the show a shot; something positive to try to counteract the negativity. I just don’t get the ‘hateful’ comments. Or even people being rude. If I were famous and the ‘haters’ were part of my fandom I would be embarrassed for them and for myself (who wants to be affiliated with people who don’t have their priorities in order and have trouble being civil). And their behavior wouldn’t push me toward more Twitter presence, probably just the opposite.

  7. Nip it in the bud!

  8. I totally agree with your words! I don’t tweet, however, so I am ignorant on that front! But for those of you who sit behind your computer and say hateful, mean, unsupportive things to others – especially on a fandom site – shame in you! Who do you think you’re impressing?

  9. Well said! Bravo! There is enough hate in this world that it is not necessary to contribute. Thanks for your post.

  10. Thank you and exactly the reason I have mostly been skimming most things since the season ended.

  11. I have gotten some hateful comments on Instagram, luckily no where else though. I figured people would be more mature in our fandom since it caters to older people but I guess not. I just don’t understand how people can be so rude, if you don’t like something be kind about it. Be constructive. Not mean.

  12. Thank you for saying this. Not just for this incident–I didn’t see the tweets, but it happens frequently and quite frankly, sometimes it’s embarrassing to be part of the fandom when this stuff happens. Many times I see it on Diana’s Facebook page, of all places. We are all part of this fandom for a reason. I hope your message will be a reminder of that. Thanks, Marie!

  13. Thank you for pointing out that courteous behavior (including polite disagreement) is the best defense. LOVE ALL THINGS OUTLANDER, including your site. It’s disappointing to see OL fans spiral into negative communication. Positivity and negativity can both be contagious. The best option is the high road.

  14. Marie… I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful work you do each and every day to bring a smile to my face with your fantastic Outlander-online website. I’m sorry I have not expressed my appreciation before now. Thank you… truly.

  15. This so sad please do not let the stupid few make it bad for the whole. This is a wonderful fan site that is open, and frank with all of us. We are lucky to see so much of the production as well as the intermate face of the actors and well as the production team it is inspirational.

  16. This is the 1st *fandom* I have been in. I am almost52. I started social media to get the updates before the show premiered. The Shatner stuff going on is not the first episode of watching *fans* misbehave. I think I am just done with social media. It was fun watching the actors and staff interact, but Caitriona doesn’t interact at all anymore. It’s just too sad

  17. I agree. There is so much negativity out there is the universe. As my Grandmother said to me, if you can’t say anything nice, Keep your opinion to yourself.

  18. My only problem was Mr. Shatner calling out a specific Outlander fan who made a joke (not out of line with his own type of humor) and dragging her for it. It was, frankly, bizarre. This post is spot on with a lot of Outlander fandom behavior but I find it interesting that today was the tipping point.

    Anyway, keep on, keeping on ladies! I know you do so much for this fandom, including passing out snacks at the NYC premiere and for that I will be forever grateful :).

  19. Very good points made. I put up an animated gif of one of the stones falling on the person competing with Cait – if you get my humour at all, I never intend it to be nasty, just slapstick or fun. Apologies if it is ever seen any other way. I mentioned Mr Shatner in today’s tweet, because he had put himself in the opposition camp, but I seriously never intended it to be seen as anything other than fun. Please forgive me if it has been taken that way and I’ve removed the offending tweet.

  20. I agree. People shall express their different opinions in a more respectful and civilized way. It’s OK you don’t agree with someone’s behavior or words, but you needn’t to express your disagreement in the same childish and ridiculous way. I prefer more Diana’s humor toward Mr. Shatner 😉 (But glad I’m never a fan of him).

  21. OMG I FACEBOOK AND did not realize all this was going on on Twitter!! I’m sorry to hear:( but I hope this notice will STOP THIS INSANITY! Ya’ll say is going on! Good luck AND GOD BLESS!!

  22. It’s a epidemic in fandoms now specially with social media age. Shipping wars, Fighting over which actor is your fav in talk down on the others. Entitlement towards the creators of a show.

    I have not seen one fandom that does not have this problem. The longer a show stays on air the more toxic it grows. So hang on your in for a bumpy ride.

    • I wonder why that is? Seems so counter-intuitive to negate the fun of swapping stories and swooning over pics and learning more about the show. And best of all planning trips to meet one another. (Sigh.) I guess “all we can do is play our part.” 😀

  23. Well said!!

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  24. Great post! First, if that was Mr. Shatner’s true opinion, awesome. He’s entitled to it. If he was joking, awesome. He’s entitled to it. If he likes Arrow better, awesome. He’s entitled to it. I think you get my drift here…I love the word “awesome.” lol…no, seriously, getting the Outlander fandom fired up is truly like shooting fish in a barrel sometimes…it’s so darn easy! Am I right? I’ve seen them turn on Diana, Terry, Ron, Sam…NO ONE is safe. I mean, I just want to enjoy the books/t.v. show and secretly stalk the actors on social media…is that wrong??? 🙂 xx

  25. Marie, thanks for this. I know my comments get confused as they are under rynawolfe as that is how my blog site is set up, but this Beth Wolfe for clarification (Ryna being the middle name)

    I have honestly been avoiding social media for a couple of weeks now just because of this sort of thing. I am so very thankful I’m not on Tumbler because I guess things are far FAR worse there. I’ve had some things copied to me that just….make my toes curl. Horrible things said not only about other fans but Sam and Cait and Ron and Terry and Diana and so on. No one is safe. I’ve been blocked by some people on Twitter I just realized, probably because of my stand on shipping.

    Courtesy and Common Sense – my catch phrase. Would you want someone else to say or do to you what you are saying or doing? If not, don’t do it or say it or Tweet it or anything else. Everyone can and does have an opinion. I can disagree with your opinion and give one of my own, but I don’t want to be mean or nasty about it. This fandom has done so many wonderful things since it started with the show (NOT discounting the pre-series book fans – not at all, just two very different dynamics and types of fans). How many thousands of dollars/euros have been raised for charities? How many life-long friends have been made? How much has the country of Scotland benefited? That a minority of hate-mongers is driving away fans that just want to enjoy their books/show and do some good is so very sad. My opinion though is we need far more blogs / comments / stands like THIS one. Refusing to just soothe ruffled feathers and look the other way. We need more people to stand up and say ‘NO MORE’ and not tolerate it. If we can’t do this in a silly fandom about a book/television show, what hope is there for the world at large to find some peace.

  26. all i have seen since i joined this fandom is this one thing and it isn’t hate that i see. but it is idiots that have no real lives. i mean they think and believe they know all about the actors and that they are like personal friends or something and they get angry because they aren’t noticed or that one of them is dating someone. please they have lives just like we do. sorry but i don’t think it is hate, but people who live in dream worlds and not in reality. i have pretty much walked away from this fandom because of it. i mean all them are great and they all have their own private lives and they should be able to live it how they want without anyone criticizing it all the time on ever social media. it is common courtesy to let them be and all the tags and replies that aren’t even really worth being done. they have more things to do than that sit there and weed through all those things. sorry and i am not hating. just miss seeing my favorite actors post because they are hiding from all this nonsense.

  27. I’m not a regular visitor here, but I wanted to say a couple things: first, you clearly dedicate tremendous time and energy to put this excellent site together, and it seems that the majority of the fandom appreciates what you do. Second, as a long time reader and admirer of DG’s work, I have noticed this behavior (the negativity toward Shatner) multiple times in multiple places, and it always strikes me as unfortunate and unnecessary. There is some small portion of the fandom which seems to take pride in attacking anyone who has a different opinion, and to attack with great coordination and glee. I’ve written about this (and reaped the whirlwind for that reason), but I’m hoping that people will be open and willing to listen to you, given your history and dedication.

  28. I have been a fan of the books for over 21 years. I am incredibly grateful for the show and everyone in it. I waited 2 decades for this to come about. I have a feeling that some members have mistaken the extraordinary outreach by the actors, producers, and crew to the fans for permission to act as they would to anyone else in their circle of friends. In other words, the way they behave on the sites is what the people around them get “treated” to every day. I also think that there is an attitude of entitlement as if the production had an obligation to listen to them and do what they want. This is the height of hubris, and once again, most likely the way they handle others in their lives. We should feel sorry for them and hope they get the help they need in order to act like decent human beings. Then we should ignore them.

  29. You are awesome to put it out there that you will not tolerate hate. Hateful comments or tweets are just another form of bullying. That needs to stop. I am so thankful to see people being nice and standing up to hate. Keep up the good work that you are doing.

  30. Bravo! I agree wholeheartedly! I just posted this on two FB groups about Shatner “I dunno guys, it’s all a bit beneath us I think. Everyone has a right to their opinions of course (including me).”
    May be it’s time for me to unfollow all of my outlander groups…

  31. I read Shatners tweet. Didn’t much care for it. Didn’t respond. Won’t waste my time. Just seems odd that Ricky Gervais was more good humoured about the competition than Shatner. It’s all good.

  32. You totally have my respect and friendship. Your “letter” to the haters…well said. Blocking is a click away. Your sites are a success because of you and your values and the values of the people that run them with you. Never change.

  33. I am not new to “fandom”. I spent my teenage years following Rock and Roll bands and being a part of the “backstage group” but, I must say, I have never experienced the level of intenseness I have among the Sam/Jamie fans. It is scary to me the level of shipping, body glorification and downright vitriol that some of these women can speak. It makes me wonder just what they would do to fulfill their fantasies. It is sad when an actor has withdrawn from social media as Cait has, due to the “fanfare.” I am hoping that Sam does not do the same thing. I Am amazed by the outright sexist, voyeuristic and graphic nature of some of the “fans” posts on social media. If the tables were turned, I am sure there would be an enormous amount of complaining.
    I agree wholeheartedly with the blog post Marie. I will hang around and see what happens but I will be amazed if Sam does.

  34. I couldn’t agree more. And like Anita G, I saw Shatner’s tweets. Didn’t much like/agree with what he had to say so ignored them. Job done.

    I’ve also been increasingly aware that many in this fandom (and maybe other fandoms – this is the first I’ve been involved in) have a dark side. As well as the Shatner incident, yesterday we got the fantastic Radio Times global edition full of OL info. Within seconds of this going live there were people moaning and complaining – it didn’t work, it wasn’t what they’d wanted, the video was rubbish, it wasn’t the print edition to bring OL to more Brits… I was mortified for such shocking lack of manners especially since the offenders were tagging the editor into their petty little moans. He’d done so much to push this forward and was now only getting vitriol. I was ashamed of our fandom at that time.

    Like you said in your post – it’s fine to disagree with things, be angry at things and etc. but it’s the way in which you express yourself that really shows your character. I’ve been bullied both in real life and on the internet and it’s not fun. No-one asks for someone to be hateful towards them – no, not even if they are behaving badly or making negative comments themselves. And if they’re looking for attention – don’t give them what they’re asking for. If they’re being funny and you don’t get it – don’t laugh.

    Good on you guys (and this fab site) for standing up for what is right and being a reminder that not everyone is a bad or negative person. Thank you for posting.

  35. I appreciate the supportive words from everyone here. It can be hard to remain calm in the face of a coordinated attack, but I agree that there are only two viable responses: first, to take a firm stand against bullying, and then to ignore the attacks. And to block attackers, where possible.

  36. Honestly, I’m surprised this matter wasn’t discussed here as well as on the other ‘outlandish’ sites earlier.
    First of all I fully agree with Kate J. Longo. Only by watching the first season of the Outlander series have I become aware of this ‘intensity’ of fandom and on many occasions I’ve felt ashamed of my own ‘sex’ and the blunt and partly obscene behaviour and choice of words in their comments.
    I was born in 1960 and I’m also not new to fandom at all, – but with all decency – many of the actors here could be my children! So I would never ever consider treating i.e. Sam H. or Caitriona B. with the same respect and empathy, that I have for my own children, and not like ‘desired objects’. Some recordings of their ‘panel discussions/qu/a and interview appearances left me with a very uneasy feeling and somehow I hope they and their parents know how to stir through all this.
    I agree fully with your blog, Marie, and hope, that you continue this ‘line of persuit’. Thank you!

  37. Glad to see a voice of reason amongst the hubub of crazy, hormonally-driven middle-aged women who have lost all sense of reason and decency. I have pretty much withdrawn from the both the fandom and the defense of the series. After the end of the series, the hate and vitriol reached massive proportions. Both from the lovers of the series (how dare you not love Outlander?) and from the haters (If you like this, you are sicko that enjoys sadistic porn and should die). I don’t tweet, and hearing this makes me glad of it. I applaud you for this post and definitely share your sentiments. I’ve marked your blog and will return again.

  38. Good job Marie, I think some have forgotten why we started all this, we love Diana, we love the books and we love the actors that have done a great job of portraying her characters and breathing life into them. Please remember, it’s a book and they are people that have private lives like we do, be kind. Thanks.

  39. Wow! I guess I live in my own little world but had no idea any of this was going on. I love Outlander, Diana, all the actors, directors, everyone who has made this dream come through possible. I just got back 2 days ago from a 2 week trip to Scotland. it is the most BEAUTIFUL country I have ever been to. Spent 5 days in Edinburgh then went to the Highlands. Saw all filming sights available to see and castles and palaces galore. Hiked in the mountains. Made wonderful new Outlander friends. Best trip of my life. Come on people….LOVE one another!

  40. Amen to that!

  41. Strongly agree. We only have time and obligation to be kind in this life, no matter what what.

  42. I completely agree the entire fandom has gone way overboard lately and I too have started backing off of various lists, etc that I check. I think the reasons people are going a bit overboard are: 1. passion for all things Outlander and 2. boredom while we wait for season 2 and book 9.

  43. Absolutely agree!! It’s one of the reasons I like this site so much. I’ve had friends say to me “what’s all the ruckus about Outlander? I didn’t think it was that great.” Did I agree? No. Did I throw hate? No, each person has different opinions, viewpoints and likes/dislikes. I encouraged that person to watch at least two more episodes, asked if they’d ever read the book and suggested those. There is not place for, nor time for hate in this world.

  44. This is how good shows are brought down… not from without but from within. “Those who don’t remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Don’t let what others say color your own views of this special series! I’m hoping to be around to see Sam and Caitriona continue to play Jamie and Claire for the next few years. It would be a terrible tragedy to see it end prematurely because of inner conflict. Please don’t let the negative influences from the vocal minorities blot out the love that the majority have for this spectacular epic saga of love and courage and for those involved in presenting it to the world! Let’s focus on the positive and keep the negative out of our conversations.

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