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Here is a new video of Graham McTavish


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6 responses to “New Video of Graham McTavish

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  1. Audition? You got it. Amazing range of ability.

  2. He is fabulous.

  3. Seeing the actors perform/work in the Outlander series, one can only wonder, how/why they weren’t noteworthy earlier. Mr. McTravish as well as the others have shown to have a gift to display a vast range of expressions and emotions credibly, which demands a fair amount of discipline and balance of mind … This video proves it once again. Great.

  4. What a performance ! I When he is crying, I am crying too. I have discovered this great actor only after having seen him in The Hobbit that’s why I had the opportunity to see him in Outlander. I loved it. The only thing that disappointed me was the absence of Graham McTavish in some episodes of the series. I was missing him. A lot. I hope it will not be the same if there is a Outlander 2. Love you D/D (Dwalin/Dougal).

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  6. Brilliant acting, of course. He is an excellent actor!

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