Sam Heughan is the Radio Times TV Champion 2015   7 comments

Sam Heughan is the Radio Times TV Champion 2015


From Radio Times

The star of the Scottish time travel drama trumped Comedy Champion Ricky Gervais with 16 million votes in the TV Champion Final

The Outlander star stormed the competition, with his fans racking up millions of votes for him to win Sci-Fi and Fantasy Champion before casting an astonishing 16.5 MILLION votes for him in an epic three day final battle with Ricky Gervais.

“Congratulations to all the competitors in the Radio Times Competition!! Wow. A true list of the most popular and greatest shows/cast on TV” said Heughan, who emerged victorious from the final rounds, during which more than 60 million votes were cast.

“I’m honored and a little, no VERY astonished at the number of votes cast by our dedicated and passionate fans! Can’t thank them enough – many have no fingers left due to intense voting – “Tapadh leibh” to you all!”

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  3. Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! True talent always wins out!

  4. A cover for Sam & Outlander!!!!!

  5. A well deserved award! Congratulations Sam!!

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