New Still of Caitirona Balfe and Bill Paterson in Outlander   10 comments

Here is a new still of Caitriona Balfe and Bill Patterson in Outlander


Source : Outlander-Starz

10 responses to “New Still of Caitirona Balfe and Bill Paterson in Outlander

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  2. Love the holistic approach and i am actually reading on medicinal herbs because of the show. Its fascinating!

  3. Love holistic medicine!

  4. the old expression “Stick this
    in your pipe and smoke it”lol

  5. I did not read the “Books” so u may
    help me with a “?” the two men who
    claimed love and given jewels to
    Jaime”s Mom,,Why ? is this possibly
    part of a new plot next season ? such
    proffessed love ,,sounds like a plot
    or plan ? Help ! lol

    • Herself has yet to right anything about Jaimes mother, maybe in the next couple of books, you should read the books they are wonderful. I cant wait till the next one. I was fortunate enough to been able to buy all eight at once, A co-worker turned me on to them right before book 8 came out, then the show was introduced on Starz. I love the books there is so much more content. you will love them, the show is way to short and compact.

  6. Dear D Morales, Are you not able to purchase the books? They are readily available as paperbacks, hardbound, audible, and as e-readers, in MANY price ranges . Perhaps you need them translated into another language? I am not sure if available in Spanish or Portuguese, but you could try! In any case, the 2 gentlemen who were unsuccessful suitors of Ellen Mackenzie were Murtaugh Fitzgibbons Fraser, and Marcus MacRannoch.

  7. Was it not Thornapple..through the pipe? Herbs do work!!

  8. First, Claire called the herb Thorn Apple, them she explained that he might know it as Jemson Weed. Jemson weed grows wild around here in the south and can be very poisonous if ingested in any form. It is also a strong hallucinogenic. There is seldom a year goes by that I don’t hear of a case where someone has tried to get “high” from it, and overdosed, and died. One should be Very careful using herbs, especially if taking other medicines. Always ask the advice from from a licensed Md. before taking any herbs you are not completely knowledgeable about.

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