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Q With so much of Jacobite history being intertwined with religion, was it a conscious decision to downplay Jamie’s faith versus Claire’s nominal Catholicism?

A No, it wasn’t a conscious decision. I think it was just a question of emphasis. We didn’t try to play it down, I guess it didn’t quite play into the story as much. We just didn’t write it, we could have, it wasn’t a strategic choice, or a creative choice, it just sort of evolved that way.

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Q With the timeline changing in book 2, how difficult was it for you to adapt that and make sure that fans who haven’t read the books understand what’s going on?

A It’s a big challenge. The second book is much more complex, it’s a more difficult book to adapt, it shifts point of view, plays with time, it’s more political, dealing with the Jacobite rebellion, which most people in the country had never heard of, so it’s a challenge. We’re always trying to play to two audiences – there’s the book fans, and then the general audience who have no idea, and we have to play fair with both. Fans are looking forward to certain things, and you want to satisfy that, and at the same time you want to surprise them, you want to catch them off guard, you want to scare them, like “Oh my God, Frank’s going up the hill! If he goes through time, I’m quitting watching the show!” People across America are losing their minds. That’s fantastic. I enjoy that.

Q The teaser, where it was actually Claire’s dream –

A Mrs. Fitz?

Q Yeah, exactly.

A Fans of the books should also have discovery, they should be surprised. You want to engage their emotions as well. But then there’s the other half of the audience that has no idea what the books are about, so you have to tell them the story clearly, they have to be able to follow along.  I always make the comparison to Game of Thrones, I’ve never read those books, so that TV show has to stand on its own. It has to work for me, and it doesn’t matter if that scene is in the book or not, if I don’t get it, I’m not engaged any more. So we’re always trying to sort of keep both ends of the audience involved.

Q Since Tobias is not here, I’ll ask you – how are Tobias and and Laurence (Dobeisz, who will play Jack Randall’s younger brother Alex) getting along? Is he trying to mimic Tobias’ mannerisms at all?

A I don’t think he is, actually. We’ve shot some scenes with him, and we try to stay away from that. In the book, they’re so close together that she literally mistakes him for Jack from the first season, but … He looks pretty close, but I didn’t want to play that gag twice. There’s no way to really do that. Tobias couldn’t play Alex. That would be going too far. He’s not trying to pick up any of his tics.

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