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Ron D. Moore’s Interview With Three If By Space   2 comments

From Three If By Space

Q With so much of Jacobite history being intertwined with religion, was it a conscious decision to downplay Jamie’s faith versus Claire’s nominal Catholicism?

A No, it wasn’t a conscious decision. I think it was just a question of emphasis. We didn’t try to play it down, I guess it didn’t quite play into the story as much. We just didn’t write it, we could have, it wasn’t a strategic choice, or a creative choice, it just sort of evolved that way.

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New BTS Pic of Laura Donnelly as Jenny Fraser in Outlander   2 comments

Here is a new behind-the-scenes picture of Laura Donnelly on the set of Outlander.


Getting down and dirty. #Outlander #BehindTheScenes


New Picture of Tobias Menzies With A Fan   2 comments

Here’s a new fan pic of Tobias Menzies



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New Picture of Sam Heughan   1 comment

Here’s a new picture of Sam Heughan from his Instagram account


Sam Heughan


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