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Here is a new interview with Caitriona Balfe from Three If By Space


Continuing my adventures in the Outlander pressroom at San Diego ComicCon this year! It was terrific to have the chance to chat with Caitriona Balfe about her role as Claire, the upcoming season, the challenges of working in the fabulous costumes, and the new cast members that will join them this year.

To start, I asked Caitriona about how Outlander has affected her career.


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Q You’ve been getting a lot of well deserved notice for your performance in Outlander. What has this been doing for your career in general, have you been getting a lot of calls, more opportunities?

A I’ve been like, “well, I’m kind of busy right now,” It’s been fantastic, of course. It’s opened so many doors for me. I was very lucky, I got to do a great film during the hiatus (Money Monster with George Clooney) , and hopefully during the next hiatus, I’ll get to do something else as well. But you know, we shoot for a very long time, and it’s limited time in between. As an actor, you first and foremost just want to work. And then to be able to get a job that you love is amazing, and that people respond to, and they like, I couldn’t be happier or more grateful.

Questions from the other reporters at the table:

Q Claire is going to have an interesting journey this season. Are you looking forward to taking this path with her?

A I think Claire is one who’s very reactionary, being thrust into this new world and having one event after another sort of happen to her. There wasn’t so much time for contemplation, or life was kind of thrust upon her rather than her figuring out what she wanted, and I think that Season 2 is very different. First of all, they make this decision to try and change the course of history, and I think the pregnancy has a lot to do with that, and trying to lift Jamie out of some of the effects of last season, and give him a mission, something to strive to do. You see her trying to create a world that she wants to live in, and there are some incredible story lines and parts coming up. I’m really excited .


Read the rest of the interview here

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