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Here is a new interview from Three If By Space with Sam Heughan at San Diego Comic Con


Just a quick explanation of the process of these interviews, since you may have seen other blogs from SDCC – there were about 50 reporters crammed into a room. We all sat at four round tables, with our microphones, cell phones, etc – no photography was allowed – and one of the “Big 4″ – Sam, Caitriona, Ron Moore, and Diana, came to sit at each table. Each reporter had an opportunity to ask a question; and after about 10 minutes, the stars switched tables. So you should see four different sets of questions, if you can find them all!

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Q Your character begins Season 2 in a completely different place than the end of  Season 1. What do you see as the challenges or benefits of this?

A I think of it more as a challenge actually, because in S1, Jamie’s got no responsibility, he’s pretty much out for himself, and he’s just reacting to every moment. And then S2 is completely different, he’s got the hangover of the trauma of S1, and also the responsibility of having a wife, of being a father, of becoming a parent. So he’s had to grow up and in S1 he certainly did. And in S2 he’s still trying to come to terms with the events of S1. But  also in S2 he’s gone to Paris which is not alien to him, but it’s certainly not a world that he’s particularly comfortable with. And he has to assume a new identity there as well. It certainly feels like he’s a different person.

Q There’s been kind of an ever-changing cast. You and Caitriona are going to be the only ones that are constant throughout for however many seasons this runs. How is that for you as an actor to constantly have different characters and actors around you?

A It’s wonderful. We’re in the French court at the moment, and Murtagh is the other character who’s traveled with us – Duncan LaCroix, he’s terrific. But it’s just the three of us, and we’ve got this cast of French actors who are amazing and bring a totally different energy to it. It’s the joy of changing locations and storylines. It’s a little sad! We miss the boys. We know we’re going back there the second half of the season and it’s very much going to be the antithesis to the first half. The first half is luxurious, the costumes are amazing, and the second half is going to be all mud, blood and battles, so yeah, it’s nice to be in a different world. I know that this series does constantly travel, and that’s going to be the journey.


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