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Here’s a new interview of Diana Gabaldon with ShowBiz Junkies


From ShowBiz Junkies:

Production on the second season of Starz’ critically acclaimed Outlander series is currently underway, adapted by Ronald D. Moore from author Diana Gabaldon’s second book of theOutlander series, Dragonfly in Amber. The upcoming season finds Jamie and Claire in the French Court attempting to alter the course of history and stop the Battle of Culloden from ever taking place.

Book two of the Outlander series kicks off with an unexpected time jump, and author Diana Gabaldon talked about that during our roundtable interview at the 2015 San Diego Comic Con. Gabaldon also discussed the show’s two lead actors – Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe – and how much she’s involved in the process of bringing her bestselling books alive on the small screen.

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What was your reaction to the very first episode you were able to watch?

Diana Gabaldon: “Oh, I was blown away by it. I actually got to see it in the production suite with the film editor and with Ron [Moore]. They were showing me the rough cut of the first two episodes together. It was so sweet; the film editor actually cried. He said, ‘It was so great to see you see this for the first time.’”

What characteristics of Jamie and Claire from the books are you looking forward to seeing in future seasons?

Diana Gabaldon: “It’s hard to say because so much of it depends on the actor and what they can do. Sam, for instance, is a very analytical actor. He’s read the book several times and you can see him do Jamie’s little physical things, little drumming his fingers when he’s thinking and so forth, and which you pick up – those are conscious decisions. At the same time, you instantly grasp the emotional sense of Jamie. The very first time I saw him in the audition tape I saw that. I never thought they would find anyone to do that, and he did just like that. It was amazing. At the same time, there’s a certain Sam-ness. It’s very weird to be sharing joint custody with a character.

Caitriona…well, everybody’s take is completely different and it took them forever to find Claire. She just walked into that part and just handled it. Her physique doesn’t match with the book and it doesn’t matter. I’ve always said to people that it just doesn’t matter that much what an actor looks like. It’s how they act, and she just totally nailed it. Again, it’s just instinctive on her part I think.”

Book two begins in a surprising place, compared to the end of book one…

Diana Gabaldon: [Laughing] “People always think they’re reading the wrong book.”

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