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The long-haired 35-year-old earned a Laurence Olivier Theatre Award nomination for most promising newcomer of 2002 for his performance in “Outlying Islands.” An alumnus of The Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in Glasgow, Scotland, Sam appears poised to have a big career in TV and film.

Sam enjoyed the break in San Diego even though it was actually work as he promoted “Outlander.” “We go back and start filming again,” he said of his post-Comic-Con schedule. “We’ve done three episodes. We’ve got another 10 to go.”

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What’s your filming schedule like for season 2?

It’s a long shoot till February. We’re going to Prague next month for the exteriors of Paris and Versailles. And then to Salisbury in England. It will be exciting. The show always changes, always moves since it’s not studio-based. It’s going to be a real journey for the characters.

It’s the new world—Versailles, politics and the French court. It’s very luxurious—King Louis XV… The second half is more mud, blood and the buildup to Culloden. It’s like two halves, really. It’s going to be exciting.

Where do we see Jamie at the start of season 2?

He’s very much affected by what happened in season 1. He and Claire are in this new world together. They’re thrust into this alien world of Paris. She’s pregnant; he’s got this thing that happened to him… They’re in France to stop history (to stop the Battle of Culloden from happening). It does come to a head but there’s a lot of other things going on. Jamie is “rebuilding” himself and trying to find out who he is.

So is it like a new beginning for him?

Very much, yeah. He knows Paris. He’s been there before. He was educated there but they’re in a world that they don’t understand and they don’t even particularly want to be part of. He’s also now having to face the responsibility of fatherhood. It becomes very strained and difficult.

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