130+ Screencaps of Sam Heughan on Good Day LA   7 comments

Here are 130+ Screencaps of Sam Heughan on Good Day LA. 

Outlander Star Sam Heughan Talks About Season Two (Low).mp4_20150713_131955.704

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7 responses to “130+ Screencaps of Sam Heughan on Good Day LA

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  2. Missed the broadcast!

  3. I can’t help thinking Sam looks much better with red hair.

    • You’ve obviously never seen redheads in different types of light or with their hair wet or slicked back. In Sam’s case his hair colour is the same as my husbands and when it’s wet it looks brownish and some times even when it’s dry it looks blondish, nevertheless he’s still an honest to goodness redhead.

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  6. Hi Ladies, Sam is a dark blond naturally. Some folks call that “dishwater blond.” He has said many times that his hair is dyed red
    for his part as Jamie. Look at his pictures from Emulsion. JMHO

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