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Here’s a transcript of the Outlander Panel at San Diego Comic-Con. 

From Carter Matt

4:04 – The group is in the building! Of course, there was mass applause, and Balfe took a moment to take a snap of the audience in attendance. Remember here that this is something that is very unusual even still for the cast to be a part of, and it’s equally special for them to be in front of so many people.

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4:06 – Moore brought a clip of the second season to show. The preview ran in high-speed, but there was footage of a pregnant Claire, some steamy sex scenes, and a showcase of the new locale that is Paris. Once we get an official clip, we’ll be able to give more thorough analysis.

4:09 – Gabaldon will write an episode for season 2!

4:11 – You have probably heard this in other interviews, but the second season is going to be more complicated for Moore and his team to adapt. There’s a whole lot more going on.

4:14 – Davis and Moore make it clear that they always try to bring the story back to the books, even if it does drift for a little while at times.

4:15 – Booze delivery!!

4:17 – Lots of cheeky line-reading going on. Hopefully a video will be posted at some point; this plays a lot better in the hall than with someone describing it after the fact.

4:21 – No cameo for Gabaldon in season 2. Meanwhile, Heughan acts irritated when Balfe mentions all the attractive new men this season.

4:25 – September 29 is the DVD release. Plenty of time before the holidays!

4:26 – Now, a gag reel. We’ll try to create something around this if the video is released online. Typical gags, but once again not as funny in written form.

4:27 – Heughan loves to do some of the more physical scenes, and enjoys the horse riding.

4:30 – There will be less kilt in season 2. Hopefully, this will lead to less people asking Sam in interviews what’s under it.

4:31 – Gabaldon knows the last scene of the last book. Also, the fan questions are starting now.

4:33 – Moore learned that it can get REALLY cold in Scotland at times. We imagine a fish out of water situation in our head.

4:36 – Sometimes, it’s difficult for Cait to leave some of her work on set. This is something we personally talked about with Sam in an interview a while back.

4:38 – Lots of talk about all of the different outfits in Paris, and how Cait is looking forward to wearing many of them.

4:40 – Sam is being dressed as a pirate by moderator Kristin Dos Santos as a result of winning some poll on E!’s site earlier this year. Basically, he’s Colin O’Donoghue from “Once Upon a Time.”

4:44 – Sam’s very game for all of this, which is a nice way of thanking his fans for their support.

4:48 – Heughan praises Tobias Menzies once again, and the panel winds down with a season 2 reel.

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