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Here’s our master post for everything Outlander that will take place at San Diego Comic-Com. Please keep checking back as we’ll update as things come in. 

Pics & Interviews prior to main events

Pics:  MQ Pics Diana | SiriusMX EW Live Pics | Pics from day 3 at SDCC | Caitriona’s Takeover of the Outlander Instragram 
Fan videos from day 2 at SDCC 
Sam, Diana & Ron | MQ Sam & Cait | Cait | Sam | Sam II | Sam & Cait (EW)Sam & Cait (LA Times) | Sam, Cait & Ron |
Caitriona Balfe on Instagram: Pics

Panels & Events

Brave New Warriors Panel – Sam Heughan: Fan Pics | MQ Pics | HQ Pics | Videos |  Tweets | Video of the Full Panel 
Outlander Panel
: Fan Pics Fan Pics Part II | MQ Pics HQ Pics |  Videos | MQ Photocall Pics  | HQ Photocall Pics |  Tweets  | Transcript of the Panel  | Video of the Full Panel | 730+ Screencaps from the full panelGag Reel | Screencaps from the Gag Reel 
Autograph Session
: Fan Pics | HQ Pics | Videos
EW Party: Fan Pics | HQ Pics
Sam on Good Day LA: Pics | Screencaps | Interview


Videos: EW | ET Canada (Sam) | ET GIF | IGN (Sam & Cait) | IGN (Diana & Ron) | ET Canada (Sam, Cait, Diana & Ron) | EW GIF | Sam’s Message to Colin O’Donoghue  | Outlander Starz & EOnline (Sam, Cait, Diana & Ron)  | Zap2It (Sam &Cait) | TV Line (Sam & Cait) TV Goodness (Sam, Cait, Diana & Ron) | Anglophile Channel (Sam & Cait)  | Yael Tygiel (Sam & Cait) | Yahoo (Sam & Cait) | MTV (Sam & Cait) | Access Hollywood (Ron & Diana) | Yael Tygiel (Diana & Ron) | Buzzfeed (Sam & Cait) | TV Fanatic (Sam & Cait) | E! (Sam & Cait Answering Google Questions)  | E! (Sam, Cait, Diana and Ron) | Zap2It (Sam & Cait) | MTV (Sam & Cait) | Yahoo TV (Sam & Cait) | Spike TV (Sam, Cait, Diana & Ron) | ET Canada (Sam, Cait, Ron & Diana) | That’s Normal (Sam & Cait) | That’s Normal (Diana & Ron) | MTV Geek and Poseur Test (Sam & Cait) | Access Hollywood (Sam) | Access Hollywood (Ron & Diana) | The Nerdist (Sam, Cait, Diana & Ron) | TV Guide Magazine (Sam & Cait) | Access Hollywood (Cait) | Geektalk (Sam, Cait, Ron & Diana) | Full TV Guide Magazine Interview (Sam & Cait)  |
Articles: Hypable (Sam & Cait)  | Collider (Sam, Cait, Diana & Ron) | Showbiz Junkies (Sam) | Inquirer (Sam) | Showbiz Junkies (Diana) | TV After Dark (Sam, Cait, Diana & Ron) | Three If By Space (Sam) | Three If By Space (Cait) | Three If By Space (Diana) | Three If By Space (Ron) |
Audio: EW Live  | EW Radio 

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  2. As Murtaugh said as he hit the redcoat ovah the head… THANK YOUUU!! Really, Good work and I will keep coming back.

    Judy McLaughlin , Plymouth MA

  3. Pinned onto Outlander the Series.

  4. The Maple Leaf Forever…!!

  5. I’d like to add my thanks to you for posting the SDCC events, interviews and party pics. Great job. 🙂 All the participants must be exhausted and yet they are still so generous with their time.

  6. Thank you so much for the wonderful coverage that you did for this event. We are very grateful! Rest now 🙂

  7. …after the trans-Atlantic flight west…then across the U.S…then Comic-Con and all it involves…then putting
    it all in reverse…eastbound…then back to work…Yikes !! Gotta admire them and all they do…especially
    sacrificing their anonymity for the price of the spotlight…They are adored by their followers and are
    sincerely thanked for bringing Claire, Jamie et al into our lives.

  8. Your website is AWESOME!!! THANK YOU!!

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