New Pic of Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe   10 comments

Here is a new pic of Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe in Outlander


Source : Outlander-Starz

10 responses to “New Pic of Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe

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  1. With all the talk .I feel sad that Sam and Cat are not as close. I hope they can still act like they are

    • What talk why are they not close

      • Well, they are good actors. Look what they have done so far. They have put on a great public show to promote and advertise the series.

        • They each have their private life and are entitled to it.

          • Well said. There’s far too much speculation goes on in celebrities lives.

            • I am in total agreeance. The commitment of Sam and Caitriona to the roles of Jamie and Claire…the chemistry, so obvious not only onscreen but during the many promotional interviews they are contracted in which to participate, makes one realize how close their friendship has developed. I admire them greatly, as probably one of the hardest couples working in TV today and fully deserving of privacy when away from the cameras…They are NOT a couple (as much as their fans wish them to be). I wish them well always. When together working and when not working but appreciating well-earned time off…enjoying life…separately !!

  2. I’m one of the hopeless romantics that having watched the offscreen interactions of Sam and Caitriona during interviews and panels, feel they would make a terrific couple solely based on my observations and their comments. HOWEVER, relationships are based on far more than that, obviously, and if they are not a real life couple, it will not impact their ability to continue to create their on screen chemistry for me. I think back on many on screen pairings where one or the other may even have been married, or in another relationship, yet they were able to bring something special to the screen. That’s why it’s called acting!!! They have a trust in their fellow actor, and that comes across as something special, along with what the writers have created. I’ll just have to put my fantasy pairing aside…….

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  5. I just can’t wait for more episodes of Outlander! Do you know when exactly season 2 will premiere?

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